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What do you use to fill the gaps? ProjectLink showcases an extensive range of many different types of adhesives and sealants. An adhesive is a matter that can be applied to different surfaces; adhesives are used to bind different materials or surfaces together. A sealant is used for the purpose ... Read more...

Adhesives & Sealants Products

Armaflex Primer

Armaflex Primer is a medium viscosity epoxy resin with wetting capabilities to concrete.

Drum Seal Inert Clay - 200 grams - DST200

Drum Seal temporarily seals cracks and small holes in tanks, drums and machinery.

Spectrum Uzin Adhesives WK222

The world's first solvent free neoprene adhesive.

Panel Adhesive Systems

AUS produces a range of high performance adhesive systems for the laminated panel industry. We offer both two component and single pack moisture cure systems.

Seal-Guard Rug and Carpet Protection

Seal-Guard Rug And Carpet Protection is the finest rug and carpet protection available in the world today in an aerosol can and has been developed to protect rugs, carpet, fabrics etc. against soiling and water & oil staining.

KF Impulse Heat Sealer

Signet's KF Impulse Heat Sealers come in a variety of widths, and are suitable for sealing a range of different bags and liners.


It is a permanent, deep penetrating solvent based sealer that permanently bonds to the substrate and prevents staining from soiling, algae, mould and algae buildup, chewing gum adhesion as well as salt adhesion (efflorescence).

Floorsafe International Reflective Tape

Floorsafe International supplier & manufacturer of anti-slip safety products has added to its range of quality products self adhesive vinyl Reflective tapes.

LATAPOXY 300® Adhesive

LATAPOXY 300® Adhesive is a chemical resistant, epoxy adhesive that will bond to most sound, clean surfaces. The adhesive spreads easily and cleans with water while fresh.

RedBack Wonder Juice

Wonder Juice is a sealant for metal threads on pipe work for LPG, Natural Gas, Town Gas and Potable Water. 50ml.

Ulitmate All-Terrain Adhesive

Powers fasteners has been researching and developing adhesive fastening technology for more that 15 years. V12 is a 2 component reaction resin mortar based on vinyl ester styrene-free formulation.

Heat Resistant RTV Silicone - HBF260

HBF260 is Room Temperature Vulcanising silicone specially formulated to be used in areas where heat resistant applications are required. *Can withstand intermittent temperatures of up to 312°C and continuous temperatures of 260°C.

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