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Have you considered architectural supplies for your next building project? ProjectLink connects you with the latest architectural supplies to suit your next building project. While architects can expensive sourcing your own architectural supplies doesn’t have to be. Architectural supplies ... Read more...

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Ausrack Plus Server

The Ausrack Plus Server is a high quality, australian made 19" racking cabinet. It features inset posts allowing cable access across the front and rear of the rack, and bend back cable entries for easy access into the rack.

Freestanding Drinking Water Fountain

The M Series, our most popular mains connected water cooler is a hardwearing, sturdy unit with a variety of applications.

Water Features

Cascading 2 Palm Fountain including Pump.

Skateboard Deterant

CTA skate board deterrents eliminate potential damage to planters, walls, benches and other architectural features caused by skateboards, in-line skates and bicycles.

Swing-Slide Gate Motors

Industrial Grade Swing & Slide Gate Motors.

Leaderboard - Directory systems

Leaderboard: Modular directory systems:
available in Satin natural anodized aluminium or a range of custom anodized finishes, 2 pack polyurethane colour coats or powder coated

Antimicrobial architectural seals

Kilargo's innovative range of antimicrobial silicone seals provide outstanding performance with unbeatable hygiene, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Seesaw Wall Flats

Wall Flats™ are lightweight dimensional wall tiles that work together through an automatic pattern repeat to create large-scale dimensional walls of any size and shape.

Distance Learning Training

2 Year Structured Distance Learning Program for Architects, Engineers & Builders. Fulfill CPD Obligations at your own time and pace, in the comfort of your own home or office.


Over time the rosette proves to be an attractive feature to act as an ornate barrier or simply create rooms with a view.

Balcony System

ERICO® offers a revolutionary Balcony System that can effectively help eliminate the damaging effects of thermal bridging, such as cold spots, energy loss, condensation and mold growth.

Renderings- 3D

Visualisation of buildings and houses, Architectural Visualisation Melbourne.

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Australia's leading designer and manufacturer of residential commercial and industrial enclosures including: electrical enclosures, ...

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Manufacturer of drinking water coolers including: drinking water fountains, bottle water coolers, point of use water coolers and ...

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Simons Seconds was established in 2000 by Simon Neal. Starting as a small part time, one man business Simon Seconds has grown to be a 7 ...

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Porcelain, Rubber, Plastic and Stainless steel Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

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Supplier of cantilever gates, boom gates, turnstiles, swing gates, retractable bollards, speed indicator signs and intercom pedestals

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