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Bird Control Products

Bird & Pests Control

Gutter protection creates a secure, bird-proof barrier between your roof and gutter and the results? Gutters and roof space stay permanently sealed so that birds and vermin cannot enter your roof space.

Bird Net

Bird Net is used to protect from birds. They are Effective, Versatile, Discreet, Durable and Humane.

Anti-roosting bird spikes

Anti-roosting bird spikes prevent pigeons from perching on your property without injury.

Starling and Sparrow Spikes

Starling and Sparrow Spikes are made entirely from stainless steel 316 grade

Sound Repellers

SBXP Super Bird Xpeller Pro.Is a waterproof purely sonic unit for either exterior or interior use. Covers up to 2.4 Hectares (6 acres).

BXP Birdxpeller Pro

BXP Birdxpeller Pro. Is a waterproof purely sonic unit for either exterior or interior use and covers up to 0.9 hectares (1.5 acres).

BBP Broad band Pro

A waterproof unit for interior or exterior use, BBPro is a hybrid unit sonic cover 929 M2 and ultrasonic cover 321 M2.

MGB Mega Blaster

MGB Mega Blaster - waterproof unit with inter-changeable micro chips that can be made to order. Covers 12 hectares (30 acres) depending on terrain.

DGB Duck & Goose Buster

DGB Duck & Goose Buster- External covers between 2.4 - 3.2 hectares or (6 - 8acres)

Ultrasonic Sound Deterrents

Ultrasonic Sound Deterrents-For internal use only. Purely ultrasonic covers up to 604 M2.

USX Ultrason-X

USX Ultrason-X .The USX is a waterproof unit for interior or exterior use, purely ultrasonic covers up to 334 M2

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Bird Control Suppliers

Supplier of gutter protection systems including steel leaf guards, guttermesh polyethylene guards and Aluminum gutter guards

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Suppliers of bird deterrent and control solutions including: physical barriers, sound repellers, ultrasonic sound deterrents and visual ...

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