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Tools are a builder’s best friend and without their tools they cannot be expected to meet the industry standards that are demanded of them every day. ProjectLink offers a huge selection of different Products & Services to meet your daily construction needs as a means to allow builders ... Read more...

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High Power Stainless Steel Flat Super Air Nozzle

" High Power Stainless Steel Flat Super Air Nozzle produces a flat 1" (25mm) wide airstream with a strong blowing force of 462g when mounted 12" (305mm) from the target.

Pre-lacquered Eco-Core® Moso Bamboo Tambour Faced Panel (Laminated on FSC ...

MOSO Tambour is bamboo in a flexible mat form, often applied to cover a substrate panel. Moso Bamboo Tambour strips are connected in an alternative flexible way by taping the backside and attached to a fabric backing.

Laser triangulation sensor at top speed

With a 100,000 Hz cut-off frequency, the optoNCDT 1630 laser sensor from Micro-Epsilon is one of the fastest on the market.

Duralast Tactile Paver Plates

Duralast Tactile Paver Plates have many features and benefits.

Lexan Thermoclick sheet

Mainly used in facade applications Lexan Thermoclick is made up of a 40mm thick, UV protected, multiwalled polycarbonate panel with a profiled tongue and groove connection.

Construction Chemicals

The Ramset™ range of high quality, high performance construction chemicals consists of fire and acoustic rated sealants, high strength epoxy repair compounds, non-shrink grout, expanding foam and construction sealants.

Signature SE

Low Voltage Switchboards and Motor Control Centres (MCCs)

Signet Builders Film

Also known as polyethylene film, this product will provide adequate protection for your goods in storage and transit conditions.

Thermal Batts

Tontine Thermal Batts will not corrode or deteriorate over time. The products are white in colour. Physical properties and material safety data can be found on the Tontine Bonded Polyester Products MSDS.

Urban Edge Bollard URB:BLD 101

These bollards are designed to visually and physically define areas within a space. They are NOT designed as security barriers against vehicle impact and should not be used for this purpose.

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Distributors of compressed air products including safety air guns, chip vacs, cabinet coolers and leak detectorssuitable for the ...

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sensors, transducers, signal conditioners and test systems for measurement of physical parameters like Leak, Displacement, Tilt, ...

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EJ is the leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of access solutions for water, sewer, drainage, telecommunications and ...

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