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Freezer Glove Showa 495

The 495 Freezer glove will provide protection for temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius as well as provide chemical resistance to a range of chemicals.

GuardIt Green Acid-Replacement Concrete Remover®

The GuardIt Green Acid-Replacement Concrete Remover® is an environmentally responsible alternative for the safe removal of excess concrete, cement, efflorescence and grout residue from bricks and concrete.

Signet’s Quality Chemicals

Maintenance, repair and operations around the home or workplace can be difficult and time consuming without the right supplies.


Flame retardent polypropylene AAV suitable for high temperature and chemical applications

Defender Gold WB - AP670

Defender Gold WB provides "nano-molecule" protection to fine stone, construction stone, concrete, brick masonry and concrete masonry. Defender Gold WB protects surfaces from premature deterioration and keeps substrates clean and safe.


MAK stocks a wide range of chemicals and quick break detergents & degreasers for improved operational efficiency of your water treatment equipment.

Nylonic clear coat solution

Nyalic, the worlds most advanced nylonic clear coat solution for marine or industrial corrosion protection

Chemical Spill Kits

Prenco manufactures high quality CHEMICAL SPILL KITS to contain and clean up a wide range of chemical fluids such as acids, caustics, pesticides, mercury etc. Kits contain full instructions and clean up impliments.

Liquid Membrane - HPM-LC3


Resistant Coatings

Poly-Tech can apply a multitude of systems available designed to protect substrates from damage.


Leader in ECO industrial coatings. Solventless, field-friendly epoxies with a proven track record in some of the most aggressive industrial environments.

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Supplier of personal protective equipment and hand protection products to the industrial, food services, retail and medical professionals.

Platinum Plus Storefront Platinum Plus Storefront

Supplier of environmentally responsible products to protect infrustructure against salt, carbonation and acid rain attack, thereby ...

Platinum Plus Storefront Platinum Plus Storefront

Signet is always the best place to look for all your packaging, safety and marking supplies. As a fully Australian owned and operated ...

Platinum Storefront Platinum Storefront

Studor provides innovative, cost effective and approved drainage venting solutions for any building. By protecting the trap seals, the ...

Gold Storefront Gold Storefront

Manufacturers high quality products for cleaning, maintaining and protecting natural stone, concrete and masonry.

Gold Storefront Gold Storefront

MAK Water is a privately owned Australian company providing water and wastewater treatment solutions to the commercial and industrial ...

Gold Storefront Gold Storefront

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