Earthmoving Equipment

Humans have been excavating the earth for centuries and as structures have gotten bigger, so have the machines used to make these structures come to life. Excavation equipment not only saves us time and money however it also gives us the pleasure of geometrically altering the earth.   We ... Read more...

Earthmoving Equipment Products

Dieselmaster® Ute Packs

The Dieselmaster® range of Ute Packs offer fast and convenient ways to move and dispense diesel on any project.

Leica iGD2 2D Dozer

Leica iCON grade iGx2 can dramatically increase machine utilisation, productivity and optimize material usage on any earthmoving and fine-grading contract.

Trilift® Lever Pin N Lift

The Trilift® Lever Pin N Lift has been developed to safely lift and place G.E.T. cutting edges, corner tips etc, from large earthmoving equipment.

Mini Loaders

Our Mini Loaders have many features and benefits.



Track drives

Compact planetary track drive units, specifically designed for use on tracked vehicles: excavators and earthmoving machines.

Ground Engaging Tools - GET

GET represent one of the highest ongoing expenditures on earthmoving equipment.The performance & productivity of loading & excavating machines are all directly affected by the bucket & its components. We offer solutions for most earthmoving machines.

Agria All Terrain

The Agria All Terrain is a robust 4WD forklift with an advanced hydraulic system and soft tyres that can excel in any rough terrain.

AIRO-EX Air Agitation Lance and AIRO-VACTOR Vacuum Earth Extraction System

The AIRO-EX Air Agitation Lance and AIRO-VACTOR Vacuum Earth Extraction System is the safest way to remove material from unknown utilities, obstructions and tree roots.

Total Torque Wrench Hire Tool Solution

Total Torque Wrench Hire Tool Solution allows all hydraulic and pneumatic torque wrenches to be delivered Australia wide with all tools, accessories, valves, pumps, hoses and sockets within a weatherproof site case.

Turf Grader

Lawless Lasers Turf Graders are made specifically to suit the customers needs and wants.

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