The ability to fabricate the bits and bobs you need for those custom machines is often a tricky and frustrating job. Dealing with machines that no longer have support can be difficult however with a range of different suppliers specialising in a range of materials, you can be sure to sure to ... Read more...

Fabrication Products

Cross Arm Roller

The roller has a single cast Aluminium wheel 100mm wide fitted with bearings. The Wheel is Heat Treated to provide a tough surface hardness when stringing steel.

Engineering and Fabrication

Engineering P/L, can provide you with all your fabrication needs, be it a small welding project or a design, construct and installation, we can help you.

Pre-Preg Tubes

Exel Composites offers high-performance tubes manufactured from preimpregnated fibre composites.

Satin Brush Finish Stainless Steel

304 grade stainless in 2B or 2D2 finish. Also known as super satin and European appliance satin.

Steel Fabrication

Carbon steel fabrication, welding, cutting, bending, pressing, plating, painting, machining.

Cagemaker Machines

We manufacture cages twice as fast as any other machine on the market. Saves six-times the labour cost, because our machines are much faster than traditional fabrication methods.

Metal Pressing and Stamping

With a commitment to staying at the cutting edge of manufacturing, Swift Metal Services continues to invest in cutting edge technology and equipment. This includes fully automated high speed metal stamping equipment.


We offer a competent team of draftsmen who are proficient in the use of the latest version of Autocad and Inventor.

Eracast RT

Era Polymers range of cold castable products are available in both TDI and MDI based systems with varying hardnesses and characteristics to suit almost any application.

Lightweight Props

Shisham Lightweight Props are specifically designed and manufactured for those applications that require a lightweight wall, formwork or brickwork to be stabilised and held in position until built into permanent structure.

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