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Engineering and Maintenance Products

Hydraulic Training System

The FPTI™ MF102-H Hydraulic Training System imported by Bestech Australia helps students understand the principles of hydraulics and shows them applications of the various principles and theories taught throughout their education.

GuardIt InvisaShield® - Concrete Protective Coating

Cutting edge technology, GuardIt InvisaShield® is a non-decorative invisible penetrating anti-carbonation protective coating system designed and engineered for the superior protection of engineered concrete infrastructure.

GuardIt Graffiti Shield®

GuardIt Graffiti Shield® is a penetrating invisible water-based graffiti protective coating. Used on Major infrastructure throughout Australia to protect freeways, bridges, railways and government infrastructure against graffiti attack.

SPAR 300 Subsurface Utility Surveying and Mapping System

The SPAR300 system represent a comprehensive approach to surveying and mapping underground utilities. It is fully integrated with the Trimble Access surveying environment, operates seamlessly with Trimble GNSS receivers or Trimble Total Stations.

Inertial Filters

The inertial filters manufactured by Barclay Engineering are self-cleaning.


Rectangular and cylindrical silencers are used to reduce the noise in air moving applications.


The mufflers are manufactured in various materials including mild steel, stainless steel, fibreglass etc.


The following image lists the dimensions and weight of the different BAS series Mufflers avaiable at Barclay Engineering.

Mufflers - BCS Series

BCS series mufflers provide the highest attenuation for all critical situations. These mufflers are multi chamber reactive units that combine the performance of absorptive and reactive mufflers.


Above shows the dimensions and weight of the BSA mufflers available for additional information please contact our sales department.


Above is a picture displaying the various dimensions and weights available in the BIS Muffler range. For more information please contact our sales department.

Mufflers - BRS Series

Above is a picture of the various dimensions and weights available in the BRS series mufflers. For more information please contact our sales staff.

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