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Underground Services Products

FIXA PIPE - Pipe Repair Kit

A FIXA PIPE - Pipe Repair Kit to 3000PSI! It can be used on: wet, dry, clean, broken, corroded and leaking pipes.

Detector duo

The new dual frequency antenna at 250 MHz and 700 MHz for simultaneous display of deep and shallow targets

BVCI Plastic Risers or Collars

BVCI Plastic Risers are used in conjunction with the BVCI Plastic Pit range - P4, P5, P6/8 in areas of remediation where change of ground levels occur. The Riser is also used to create extra depth to achieve cover zones required.

BVCI Concrete Collars

The BVCI Concrete Collar is used for aesthetic purposes and also offers extra support to the top of the Plastic Pit Range and is generally required for Telstra works.

BVCI Cast Iron Covers

BVCI Cast Iron Pit Access Covers available from Class B to Class G Load Rating.

BVCI Telstra Multi-Part Cover & Frame Assemblies

BVCI Telstra Multi-Part Assemblies are used when insitu Telstra pits are required or unavoidable.

Fibreglass Underground Fuel Tanks

Double wall underground fuel tanks are light and easy to install as well as corrosion free. Fitted with the Truchek Hydrostatic Monitoring System they meet the current requirements of State authorities for underground fuel systems.

Cordless Caplamp ST - 2600A

This is the latest Cordless Caplamp, an all in one light.

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