Infrared Cameras for Railway Maintenance and Inspection by FLIR SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD

Our Infrared Cameras are useful in many areas of railway maintenance, including inspecting signalling installations, power stations, mechanical systems and overhead catenaries.
  • Infrared Cameras for Railway Maintenance and Inspection
  • Infrared Cameras for Railway Maintenance and Inspection
  • Infrared Cameras for Railway Maintenance and Inspection

Our Infrared Cameras can be employed to keep network power supply and signalization up and running, as well as to inspect brakes and bearings of locomotives and wagons. Because Infrared Cameras can be used while systems are under load, problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye are easily seen. This allows rapid corrective action to be taken, resulting in less downtime and cost saving.

FLIR Infrared Cameras for Railways:

FLIR P-Series – The FLIR P Series state-of-the-art Infrared Cameras are designed for professional Infrared Camera users. The P Series consists of three models to meet varying user requirements: the P620, P640 and P660. All P Series cameras possess a 640x480 pixels detector, a 3.2 megapixel visual camera, text and voice annotations and many more useful features. The P660 also possesses GPS, which allows clear positioning of the inspected area and the corresponding infrared images.

FLIR A Series - The A Series is an affordable and accurate solution for machine vision and automation systems. Possessing outstanding imaging and high thermal sensitivity, the models in the A Series are complete systems that can immediately identify thermal problems that would otherwise go undetected.

FLIR T Series – The most affordable, feature rich Infrared Cameras available! Their design merges functionality, ease of use, ergonomics, versatility and compactness. User requirements and consistent ergonomic elements have been integrated into the design process to optimize interfaces. The FLIR T-Series has been awarded the "2008 red dot design award" in the measurement and testing systems design category.


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