LED Train Marker lights by INNOVEC CONTROLS

Innovec is supplying LED Marker lights for Victorian passenger trains. The LEDMLB is a marker light for the driving car of passenger vehicles and features high brightness [can be seen from 100 metres] and long life [60,000 hours minimum].
  • LED Train Marker lights

The LEDMLB MARKER LIGHT is a 24VDC powered LED ARRAY (60 LED [light emitting diode]) INDICATING light supplied in a surface mount enclosure with an IP54 weatherproof rating.



  • High intensity LED's with a 20 degree view angle
  • Available in red and white
  • Constant light
  • Nominal 24VDC [20-75VDC]
  • Low cost - High performance
  • Application is for marker light on railway rolling stock

The LEDML marker light is an advanced instrument that have been designed and manufactured to stringent specifications.


The LEDML is a Led array suitable for harsh and long life. It has been designed to reject electrical interference that normally abounds in industrial environments and includes flying lead electrical connection.

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