Designers and manufacturers of water solutions including; water treatment, waste water recycling and water harvesting systems for the mining and construction industries.

100% Australian owned and operated, Clearmake has been designing and manufacturing water treatment, wastewater recycling and water harvesting systems since 1993, having supplied more than 4,000 systems Australia wide.

REDUCE WATER COSTS by reducing your reliance on mains water through harvesting storm water and rain water, as well as treating and recycling water for reuse.

REDUCE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT + MEET DISCHARGE REQUIREMENTS by treating ground water or process water so it is safe to discharge to sewer or the environment.

Clearmake offer the broadest range of water treatment technologies available, applied alone or in combination to deliver the most effective solution for your water management project.

Solutions for tradewaste and wastewater treatment, water recycling, water harvesting, storm water management, spill detection and sludge dewatering. Select from a high quality range of standard products, ideal for the smaller tradewaste or stormwater management project, or a multi-function custom designed solution.

    •    waste water treatment
    •    water recycling
    •    rainwater + stormwater harvesting
    •    storm water + ground water management
    •    spill control
    •    sludge dewatering
    •    oil/ water/ solids separators

    •    containerised remote site solutions
    •    industrial detergents + degreasers

    •    accessories + consumables

Clearmake systems are made in Australia, meet Australian Standards for manufacturing and are fully warranted.

Design and manufacturing takes place at one centralised location in SE Queensland where all products are individually examined for quality and are submitted to pre-install testing before dispatch.

A Clearmake system provides you with a quality solution that will reliably deliver the water quality you need. 

We can even look after some operational tasks for you with scheduled servicing of your equipment, or ClearAccessTM remote monitoring, letting you know when the system requires attention. 


The 6th Annual Queensland Transport Infrastructure Conference

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