Chemical solutions across multiple industries

Cyndan Chemicals was established in 1978 in Sydney Australia. The years have seen our product range grow to over 90 industrial maintenance chemicals and equipment.

What we have achieved serves as motivation for further innovative developments. Worldwide growth is therefore a major factor in our company philosophy.

Our products, where applicable, carry certified NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) test reports, Australian National Registration Authority (N.R.A.) approvals and comply with the requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Act of Australia and the Australian Quarantine Inspection Services. Our catering solutions boast Kosher and Pareve approval for use in hospitality establishments that cater to the Jewish community.

Our Customers 
Cyndan has over 20,000 customers in Australia alone, including government, semi-government and public institutions. The public transport and utility companies of every capital city are strong and long-term clients.

BHP, Hardie Containers, Smorgan Fibre Containers, Transfield, McDonalds, Toyota, Ford, Telstra, OTC, Optus, Long Bay and Pentridge Jails, Mt Newman Mining, Tip Top Bakeries, Red Cross,etc. a host of well known international hospitality chains such as Park Royal, Sheraton, Ramada and Marriott are all regular beneficiaries of Cyndan's products.

Our Company 
Cyndan has produced the finest quality industrial maintenance chemicals since 1978.  Our industrial chemists, all of whom have had training in Australia and overseas, have a collective wealth of knowledge that is invaluable to us.

We manufacture our products from the finest raw materials. If these materials are not available in Australia, then we go searching overseas for the finest quality. It is not only essential to have a range of unsurpassed chemicals, they must also be competitively priced to capture our customers' keen eyes.

We have found through our years of experience that the only way to get results is to sell chemicals that work.

Our Company motto is "We sell results". Our products are formulated to solve problems - and they do! We believe in the old saying that "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" and, for this reason, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our products to you.

When selling chemicals, we have found that two key elements are always apparent. (1) our customers not only want the best product, they also want the right price, and (2) our customers already have a good supply of water.

Therefore, we have found it best for us to sell only true concentrates. By selling true concentrates to you, we can provide the maximum economy possible. Economy to you is also achieved through our careful and simple labelling. we clearly advise on the best methods of use and dilutions of our products.

Safety is of prime importance to us. We endeavour to make our products safe to use. Where possible, all of our products are formulated to be non-toxic, non-corrosive and 100% fire proof. We pride ourselves in maintaining a high standard and welcome you to put us and our products to the test.

More prominent today than in years past is the global awareness of our fragile environment. To sustain life is ultimately more important than anything else.

This is only possible if we respect the needs of the environment that sustains us. At Cyndan we have always done all that we can to avoid environmentally harmful materials in our products. With the environment in mind, we aim to formulate our products to be non-polluting, biodegradable and nature safe.


CYNDAN Corporate Film

Cyndan Chemical Solutions Corporate Video

Micro Inviso Shield Demo - Waterproof penetrating sealer for concrete, brick and all masonry substrates

Water & oil repelling, microscopic, invisible shield. It is not a surface or barrier coating, rather it deeply penetrates and chemically bonds with the substrate without altering it’s appearance and allows the substrate to breathe.

Graffiti Armour - Anti graffiti paint coating

Cyndan Graffiti Armour is a one-component, non-sacrificial, ready-to-use anti graffiti coating that cures with atmospheric moisture.

Graffiti Stripper - Graffiti removal and paint stripping chemical solution

Cyndan Graffiti Stripper is a strong, fast acting, biodegradable liquid graffiti remover and paint stripper, for use on exterior and interior surfaces.

Heat Shield - Thermo reflective insulation coating for buildings

Cyndan Heat protection Shield is an acrylic, solar reflective paint insulation, utilising the latest in micro crystals technology, with a proprietary formulation to provide an excellent coating for heat resistant purposes.

Cyndan Strip Lube

Cyndan Strip Lube has been specifically formulated for removing heavy industrial grease without the use of harsh caustic chemicals.

Cyndan has expanded its manufacturing capabilities with a start-up facility in Dalian, China

Cyndan acquires 2,600 m2 factory in Dalian Huayuankou Economic and Technological Development Zone, a regional financial base and an important international shipping centre and logistic hub in North East Asia.

Cyndan Vitroglaze - Protective glass coating to seal glass, ceramic and stainless steel.

Vitroglaze is a permanent coating that prevents the adhesion and buildup of contaminants onto the glass surface. Advanced nano-coating formulation, ideal to protect and seal window glass, ceramic, stainless steel, shower screens, tiles, balustrades..


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