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Magnetic Automation Pty Ltd has been part of the Perimeter Security industry for over 30 years. We are part of the global Magnetic Autocontrol Group which is a worldwide leading manufacturer of boom gates, slide gates, swing gates, cantilever gates, modular gates, turnstiles, security bollards, speed gates, card reader bollards, rising steps, & gate automation. Our experience and global strength allows us to offer our customers both standard and custom user specific solutions. The global headquarters of the Magnetic Autocontrol Group is situated in Germany, with six subsidiaries in Australia, China, India, Malaysia, Brazil and USA.

Today in Australia, Magnetic Automation has a presence in every state, with Head Office in Tullamarine Victoria, and key branches in Western Australia, Queensland, and New South W ales. Our core competence lies in our knowledge of motor and drive engineering and our concept and project activities. This is a major advantage in numerous market segments; particularly if stringent requirements are placed on the product. Our globally recognised high standards of quality and the reliability of our products, our competence, customer orientation and market focus, makes us an Industry Leader.

With our extensive experience within industrial and commercial applications, we are able to provide customised and stylish solutions to meet our customer's needs. Our products find applications within mining, rail, corporate, government infrastructure, military and general industrial sites.
All our products are supported by a comprehensive preventative maintenance, service and spare parts programs.


Boom Gates:
The innovative drive technology of the MHTM™ offers low maintenance, high performance & a variety of operational modes & speeds. The MHTM™ can be controlled by card access systems, remote control, token or coin acceptors or by simple push buttons. All Boom Gates include Magnetic’s unique VarioBoom arm which is ergonomically designed for faster opening efficiency.

Slide Gates:
Magnetic Automation is a leader in the manufacture of Cantilever and Track Security Slide gates and we are able to tailor a solution for most applications. Security gates can be built to custom requirements including gate speed adjustments.

Light Weight Gate:
Ideal for light commercial applications, the MTL Light Weight Track Gate and MSL Light Weight Cantilevered Gate budget conscious gates are ideal for environments such as small factories and premises requiring infrequent operation. Gates are constructed from pre-galvanized steel and are powder coated to individual colour requirements. Sizes range for openings from 3mts to 7mts, and heights of 1.8mts & 2.1mts.

Swing Gates
Magnetic Automation offers a range of different size Security Swing Gates for the controlling of vehicular passage at security access points. Gates are designed to suit specific applications and can be strengthened for high wind and cladding requirements.

Security Bollards
Our range of Security Bollards are designed to secure areas from unauthorised traffic. These innovative electromechanical bollards have functionality for TCP/IP, & UPS device rechargeable by solar panels. Available in s/s or powder coated.

Control Pillars:
The Magnetic Control Pillar compliments our Boom Gate Range in both dimension and design. The access control unit or switches can be installed in the aluminum front plate in accordance with customer requirements. The operating height of the control unit is designed for cars and is also available for truck height.

Gate Automation:
MSL20 - 210 Motor Drive – Industrial Heavy Duty
The MSL series slide gate operator is designed for commercial and security applications where fast operating speeds and high usage is of importance. This unit can be retrofit to any swing or slide gate.


Full Height Turnstiles:
The MPT Turnstile is designed to control areas usually in perimeter locations outside a principal building. Turnstiles can be used for bi-directional access control applications & have passage frequency rates of 15 to 20 people per minute. These turnstiles can be activated from card readers and a variety of other remote devices.

Half Height - Pivot Barriers & Swing Gates:
We offer a range of MPP Pedestrian Pivot Barriers and MPS Pedestrian Swing Gates designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting low security controlled areas. The MPP tri-arm design can be used in bi-directional control applications with high volume pedestrian traffic. The MPS is suitable for either one-way or two-way bi-directional mode. The MPS gate can be used to compliment out Turnstile and Retractable Pedestrian barriers, especially where passage of larger items are required.

Speedgate – Retractable Barriers:
The MPH Pedestrian High Door has a horizontal sliding access control and locking mechanism, and is also used for areas requiring low security surveillance. The doors can be programmed to close immediately after a pedestrian has walked through, or after an adjustable time-out period.

Automatic Fare Collection - High Volume:
The MPR Retractable Barrier is designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually under surveillance in low security situations. Various optional access control devices such as card readers, can be accommodated on a stainless steel fascia panel located at each end segment of the pedestrian barrier.


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