3D Laser Scanning and 3D modelling by OPUS INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS

Opus' in-house laser scanning capabilities offer the client the advantage of being able to quickly and efficiently collect a detailed and accurate 3-dimensional point cloud, holding information beyond the levels offered by more traditional methods.
  • 3D Laser Scanning and 3D modelling by OPUS INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS, SA 5000
  • 3D Laser Scanning and 3D modelling by OPUS INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS, SA 5000
  • 3D Laser Scanning and 3D modelling by OPUS INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS, SA 5000

A laser scanned approach offers numerous advantages and value-adds compared to traditional survey techniques. Each individual scan collects on average 11 million points, resulting in a massive data-set that the Opus survey team can then utilize to extract the required end deliverable or provide it directly in one of many point cloud formats. 

Value-adds offered by a laser scanned approach include the ability to provide subsequent stakeholders/design teams with the ability to view the site from the perspective of the lser scanner set-ups within a photo-realistic environment from the comfort of their desks. Additional benefits include the fact that the laser scanner is indiscriminate in the data it records, surveying everything within line of site and range of the scanner meaning that should additional information be identified as being required at a later date, this information has often already been surveyed meaning additional site visits are not required saving significant costs. These value adds are a by product of the laser scanned approach and can be provided at minimal to no extra costs.

Key 3D laser scanning services/deliverables include:

  • Accurate 3D documentation of historical and heritage sites
  • Comprehensive deformation monitoring
  • Surveying of dangerous/difficult to access sites
  • Extraction of 2D CAD plans / 3D CAD plans / 3D BIM model
  • Visualizations/ Fly-throughs / Renders / Orthographic photos
  • As-constructed 3D model of existing plant
  • Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing clash detection
  • Existing floor plan surveys
  • Building cross sections

Opus currently have two survey teams based in Adelaide, SA and Parramatta, NSW. These teams are experienced in working throughout Australia. They utilize the very latest technological advancements to offer a comprehensive and innovative multi-disciplinary solution, tailor fitted to the client’s measurement needs.

The survey teams are fully equipped with the latest survey equipment and boast an in-house laser scanning department and high-speed terrestrial vehicle mounted LiDAR capabilities. Our teams are fully trained to meet with industry health and safety requirements, including traffic management accreditation, working within rail corridors and delivering surveys in outback and remote environments.

Supported by Opus' global community of around 450 surveyors, the Australian survey team are able to act quickly and flexibly to undertake either simple or complex surveys.


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