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BIM for Buildings

The BIM management training course will discuss the themes and knowledge required to understand the principles of BIM.
  • BIM Management Training by REDSTACK, SA 5006

BIM Training Course Length: 4 days

Part 1 - BIM Fundamentals
Part 2: BIM Advanced Concepts
Part 3: Competency Assessment

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BIM Training Course Aim:

Course Overview
Part 1 will discuss the basic themes and knowledge required to understand the principles of BIM. The course will outline the basic terminology in regard to BIM as well as the requirements for skills and understanding for any member of the Construction Industry to ensure they understand the basic principles and can discuss BIM in context to their projects.

Part 2 details the procedures and processes in regards to delivering BIM in line with client requirements and objectives to ensure teams understand the documentation, skills and abilities to promote BIM and enable future business. The topics will include detailed explanations of the processes in line with regional and international examples.

Delegates will gain insight knowledge into the details of utilising best practice procedures in relation to BIM and begin to understand how to manage their projects and individual requirements in regard to BIM.

Understanding the strategic management as well as the technical drivers ensure that projects utilising BIM will create value for the end user as well as for those involved in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the project.

BIM is more than just working in a 3D environment, it is about ensuring teams have the relevant capabilities, the required skills and knowledge and the drive to be able to succeed and commit to it. The benefits of BIM can be seen heavily in the operational phase of assets
and it is the aim of the course to ensure delegates build their knowledge in regard to all stages of a project.

An understanding of how BIM can drive greater efficiencies during the design, construction and operation phase is critical to BIM and these notions and ideas will be explained further. The course will also introduce the relevant technologies that enable and support BIM and how these can be utilized on a project.

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