Aluminium Cladding

Is aluminium cladding a good option for your next building project? Cladding is a non-structural surface which is usually installed on top of structural surfaces. Cladding can be designed to stand extreme weather conditions. Cladding is typically used on building surfaces however; it can also be used to enhance the look of an interior space. Aluminium cladding is known to be lightweight however, it is still a very strong metal; it’s typically sold as boards or panels. The major benefits of aluminium cladding are the fact that it’s durable, resistant to moisture and saltwater and it also adds aesthetic appeal to a building.

If you are looking for an alternative on your next building project then browse through the different types of cladding available. Look through the products listed below to find the right type of cladding to meet your building needs. By choosing to view a product you will be able to get in touch with the supplier directly. 

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Aluminium Cladding Products

Cambridge Vinyl Insulated

Cambridgeâ„¢ vinyl cladding with its subtle woodgrain pattern adds peace of mind and a virtually maintenance-free exterior, while the foam backing gives added strength and insulation.

Insulplank Insulated

Insulplank is a premium exterior weatherboard cladding product available in the Mitten range of vinyl finishes.


Aluminium cladding was widely used on homes from the 1950s onwards. It was the first type of weatherboard-style cladding to offer homeowners a pre-finished, lightweight timber-look product which needed little maintenance and was easy to install.

Board and Batten

For a striking contemporary look, Mitten Vinyl Australia presents Board and Batten, a vertical cladding profile with a classic finish.

Takasho Ever Artwood

Ever Artwood Aluminium profiles offer designers a photorealistic veneer over a stable aluminium profile. A maintenance free alternative to timber. Startling realism with a 10 year warranty.

Aluminium Cladding Suppliers

Mitten Vinyl has been manufacturing quality vinyl products since the company was founded by Doug Mitten in 1959.

Gold Storefront Gold Storefront

Covet is a Melbourne based building product supplier. Focussed on delivering unique, premium finishes for floors and facades.

Gold Storefront Gold Storefront

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