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Tools are a builder’s best friend and without their tools they cannot be expected to meet the industry standards that are demanded of them every day. ProjectLink offers a huge selection of different Products & Services to meet your daily construction needs as a means to allow builders ... Read more...

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Laser triangulation sensor at top speed

With a 100,000 Hz cut-off frequency, the optoNCDT 1630 laser sensor from Micro-Epsilon is one of the fastest on the market.

Pre-lacquered Eco-Core® Moso Bamboo Tambour Faced Panel (Laminated on FSC ...

MOSO Tambour is bamboo in a flexible mat form, often applied to cover a substrate panel. Moso Bamboo Tambour strips are connected in an alternative flexible way by taping the backside and attached to a fabric backing.

Signet Builders Film

Also known as polyethylene film, this product will provide adequate protection for your goods in storage and transit conditions.

Safe Grip Ultimate

Safe Grip Ultimate is a unique cold fusion technology that has been designed to provide slip resistant edges and strips as well as attractive and protective coating for foot and vehicular traffic and for some very special situations.

Acrow Props and Accessories

Acrow Props and accessories are a popular form of construction equipments that are used for a temporary support during building project work. These electroplated galvanised steel products are manufactured and tested to AS610-1995 standards.

KingFlor® Suite

Since its introduction, Fielders KingFlor® composite steel formwork range has grown to be Australia’s largest range of steel formwork profiles with two trapezoidal profiles, two re-entrant profiles and a deep deck profile.

Flow Switches

The flow switch detects whether there is any flow in the piping and opens or closes an electrical contact.

78mm Speedpanel

78mm Speedpanel can achieve up to FRL -/240/240 with acoustics up to Rw80.


Lightweight, flexible foam cushioning protection.

Expansion Strip Joint

Designed for industrial box gutters, the expansion strip joint replaces the need to box the ends of adjoing gutters. Eliminates flooding as water can flow across the joint to the next downpipe. Ozone and UV resistant. 145 or 200mm widths. 5m length

Foamular Extruded Polystyrene Insulation

Foamular offers high compressive strength, density and thermal resistance.

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