No one likes playing with chemicals… unless if you are a qualified builder with a need to do the best job possible. Chemicals assist in the construction process both as a detergent and degreaser, integral for the maintenance and repair of operations. Proper chemical equipment is also fundamental for the safety of workers.

There are literally thousands of different chemical Products & Services that ProjectLink offers in our wonderful database. Everyday chemicals are provided from prominent suppliers and the effective storage and transportation of dangerous chemicals is also available for the compliant transportation of harmful goods and toxic substances. ProjectLink also has a number of ecofriendly epoxies for the environmentally minded.

Understandably the idea of working with chemicals can seem a little scary however once you see the benefit that our large range of chemical Products & Services available on ProjectLink have, you will be more than assured at the quality and safety of your construction.

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Chemicals Products

GuardIt Green Acid-Replacement Concrete Remover®

The GuardIt Green Acid-Replacement Concrete Remover® is an environmentally responsible alternative for the safe removal of excess concrete, cement, efflorescence and grout residue from bricks and concrete.

Signet’s Quality Chemicals

Maintenance, repair and operations around the home or workplace can be difficult and time consuming without the right supplies.

Eraspray ESM900 & Eraspray ESP950

General purpose spray polyurethanes for light and heavy duty applications.

Eragel ZR

A soft polyurethane gel suitable for a variety of applications that provides comfort and reduces strain on the body1.

Freezer Glove Showa 495

The 495 freezer glove will provide protection for temperatures down to -20˚C as well as provide resistance to a range of chemicals at buildings or construction worksites.


MAK stocks a wide range of chemicals and quick break detergents & degreasers for improved operational efficiency of your water treatment equipment.

All Purposer Thinners

All Purpose Thinners - Premium quality

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol - High Quality Hard Surface Cleaner

Chemicals Suppliers

Supplier of environmentally responsible products to protect infrustructure against salt, carbonation and acid rain attack, thereby ...

Platinum Plus Storefront Platinum Plus Storefront

Signet is always the best place to look for all your packaging, safety and marking supplies. As a fully Australian owned and operated ...

Platinum Storefront Platinum Storefront

Era Polymers is an Australian owned, independent polyurethanes systems house with an enviable reputation for outstanding product ...

Silver Storefront Silver Storefront

Supplier of personal protective equipment and hand protection products to the industrial, food services, retail and medical professionals.

Platinum Plus Storefront Platinum Plus Storefront

MAK Water is a privately owned Australian company providing water and wastewater treatment solutions to the commercial and industrial ...

Gold Storefront Gold Storefront

Eurotech is an Australian wholesaler of graphic display and signage solutions which includes signage panels such as Aluminium ...

Silver Storefront Silver Storefront

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