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While cleaning may not be the most glamorous of tasks it is also one of the most necessary from a safety and maintenance point of view. It is equally important to maintain the hygiene of a project both before and after a construction job with the use chemicals, cleaning products and equipment.

The ProjectLink database features a wide variety of different Cleaning Products & Services ranging from high powered pressure cleaners to trusty rust removers. Each Product & Service specifies their particular speciality at removing stains and grime, including a range of eco-friendly products for the environment conscious. Floor cleaner, hand cleaner, degreaser, wax remover, dishwashing sanitiser – ProjectLink literally has you covered from head to toe.

So what are you waiting for? With the click of button you can literally search through thousands of different Cleaning Products & Services to satisfy your need to keep things friendly and clean no matter what the construction job.

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Mud Chucker Boot/Shoe Scraper

The Mud Chucker Boot/Shoe Scraper removes debris from the bottom and sides of shoes or boots.

Pressure Cleaners - 1500psi hot, electric motor

A hot water blaster for Automotive, construction & industrial applications.

Spectrum Clean and Strip

Special cleaning agent for cleaning and stripping newly installed or heavily soiled vinyl, linoleum and rubber
floors. Vinyl, linoleum and rubber flooring. Gentle with low PH value, therefore particularly suitable for linoleum and
rubber flooring.

GuardIt Soy Safe Degreaser®

GuardIt Soy Safe Degreaser® is a special low foaming, industrial strength cleaner and degreaser that combines safety with effective cleaning. It helps maintain the hygiene of a building project both before and after a construction job.

Mops and Brooms

Our Mops and Brooms cleaning range will assist your staff in effectively and efficiently maintaining a clean and tidy work environment all year round.


STONETECH® Professional stone, tile and masonry care products are innovative, easy-to-use solutions to protect and preserve stone against the damaging effects of everyday living.

RedBack Silicone Clean Up

Silicone Clean Up is specially formulated to remove uncured silicone from laminates, porcelain, metal roofing and gutters. 500ml.

Glidex - Advanced Window Cleaning

Glidex manufacture the highest quality line of window cleaning products for home and professional use including window washers, squeegees and accessories.

Super Clean Dioxide

AROA’s pure Super Clean Dioxide industrial treatment offers a superior, clean and safe alternative to traditional disinfectant methods, including UV, Ozone and, the most commonly used, Chlorine treatments.

Pressure Cleaning

We have an industrial pressure cleaning that can be used for many applications which would include grafitti removal, driveway cleaning, concrete cleaning, roof cleaning and much more.

Spill Kit

We offer a range of spill kits to suit any situation.

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