Missing a nut? Requiring a bolt? Components are the hidden tools of the trade and with a million different things that can seem to go wrong with our machinery, thankfully our suppliers have come up with a million different solutions to patch up our woes.

There are solutions that can bend metal perfectly to your specifications, thousands of different variations of common metal components, thread rolling & thread forming and whatever your imagination can conjure. Our suppliers are would also love to answer any queries.

To search through the ProjectLink database, all you have to do is type a keyword into the search bar. Scroll through your personalised search results to find the product you want and contact the supplier for a quote or to request more information. You can even complete your sale online by selecting the Buy Now option.

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Components Products

No-Warp Foam Window & Door Insulating Sealant

It is a one component polyurethane foam specially formulated to seal around windows and doors frames. the low pressure, airtight insulation foam blocks drafts, moisture and insects without bowing.

Pillar and base

Pillar and Base are Fire Retardant and UV stabilized. Panels blank unless quoted to include accessories.

Draw Vice

Draw vices are required for running out and partly, for pulling the cable towards the pole at line angles.

Credenza Buffet Unit

The Credenza Buffet Unit is an attractive and practical necessity for any office.

Components Suppliers

Supplier of polyurea, polyaspartic and polyurethane coatings systems including topcoats and primers suitable for the building, ...

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Fulton Industries manufactures and supplies electrical distribution parts and equipment for the electricity supply industry in ...

Platinum Plus Storefront Platinum Plus Storefront

National office furniture direct delivered to your office anywhere Australia wide. Office chairs, office desks, office workstations, ...

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