Dust Control

No one likes working with dust and so why deal with the hassle? Many construction staff can spend hours breathing in dust and irritants which severely affect not only their health, but also their ability to work as efficiently and safely as possible. Thankfully solutions are numerous and ProjectLink features a number of eco-friendly products which maximise the sustainability of the environment.

Products available in our ProjectLink online database seal and surface bind dust, provide emulsion techniques to prevent dust from forming as well as unique ways to clean up dust particles after a particularly dusty job. Dirt stabilisers are also popular for transport and construction jobs.

Dust Control is something which you cannot afford to ignore. Respiratory illness is very serious and yet there small and simple things which we can do each and everyday to decrease our contact with dust and ensure our physical health. Simply take a browse through our ProjectLink selection of Products & Services so that you can do the right thing by you and your workers.

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Dust Control Products

Dust Control

Dust and particles are generated during most concrete work undertaken and is not only a nuisance but may have serious OH&S implications.


Protecta Group’s industrial vacuums, safety vacuums and commercial vacuums are designed to be robust and powerful in order to clean large areas at building construction sites.


DustChek For Haul Road Dust Control in Mining or Heavy Industry.
Stockpiles, Hardstands, Workshop Areas. Container Yards, Car Parks, Loading Areas, Trucking Yards, Vineyards etc

PolyCom Stabilising Aid for Road Shoulders

PolyCom is ideal for road shoulder repair and in most cases can use existing material gathered from the side of roads and re compacted.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid for Soil Stabilisation

Sub-grade strengthening and remediation is a simple and cost effective exercise with PolyCom Stabilising Aid for soil stabilisation.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid for Roads

PolyCom Stabilising Aid for roads can stabilise almost any material commonly found in road construction or earthworks projects.

Tech-Dry Earth Binder

Provides dust sealing and surface binding for internal walls of earth structures without changing the surface appearance.

Tech-Dry Earth Bonding Emulsion

Provides dust sealing and surface binding for internal walls of earth structures without changing the surface appearance.

Dust Control Suppliers

Our Diverse product range extends from general hire equipment for the home renovator and professional tradesperson to large lifting and ...

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Protecta Group's focus on Temporary Protection Solutions covers a broad range of applications, from dust containment coupled with air ...

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PolyCom Stabilising Aid is a highly effective soil stabilisation product for sealed and unsealed road construction and maintenance, ...

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Tech-Dry is the leader in research and development of building protection products in Australia. Our innovative building protection ...

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