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It is vital to respect the environment when it comes to construction. This means disposing waste in an effective manner that reduces our impact on the environment, as well as means to clean up spills and prevent environmental harm when things go wrong - like oil spills or workplace accidents. ... Read more...

Environmental Products Products

Slatted Bin

Replas’ recycled-plastic litter bin is available in either freestanding or in-ground models in your choice of four recycled-plastic slat colours.

Envirosorb™ - Oil & Fuel Only Absorbent

Oil & Fuel Only Absorbents are a vital part of any spill kit or spill clean-up kit for hydrocarbons. Being hydrophobic (repels water), our Oil & Fuel Only Absorbents, Envirosorb™, can be used out on open water, in the rain, or in your place of work.

Budgetsorb - All Liquid Absorbent

The need for quicker and more effective absorbency has led to the development of Global Spill Control's range of Budgetsorb - All Liquid Absorbent, available in 20L Bags or 50L Bags!

Four drum bunded spill pallet with removable grate

Use this Australian made drum bund / spill pallet to safely store up to four 205 litre drums and capture any leaks, drips and spills. The removable grated floor enables easy cleaning and retrieval of spilled liquids.

Water or Oil Spill and Leak Detector

Gas Alarm Systems (a div of ALVI Technologies) is pleased to introduce the Jola/Germany range of Water or Oil Spill and Leak Detector.

Treeguard PMD - TGD- 2

Aluminium flatbar legs, cage with solid vertical rods, and tubular aluminium top ring.

Urban Edge Litterbin - URB:LTB 101

Satin-polished stainless steel stubbing plate and catchment tray. Lifting the ashtray from above releases the extinguished butts and ashes into the main litterbin liner.

M-DIM Dims

The M-Dim is a central dimming unit specifically for Brightgreen LED downlights, allowing you to dim several LED downlights at once.

Tankless Electric Water Heater

The Instantaneous Tankless Electric Water Heater is compact, single phase, delivers hot water in 2 seconds and is 99% energy efficient because it only turns on when hot water is demanded.

EvapCap Evaporation Covers

The Evap-Cap is a patented floating evaporation cover made from light impervious polyethylene.


Klingstone® is a single component, environmentally friendly polyurethane that permanently binds and stablises soil/sand by essentially gluing the particles together.

Raven Door & Window Weather and Energy Sealing System

Raven is one of the most trusted brands in the building hardware industry providing innovative, tested and certified Door & Window Weather and Energy Sealing Systems.

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Replas produces high quality, low maintenance products made from recycled plastic waste collected from around Australia. The product ...

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We manufacture Aussie made oil and chemical spill clean up equipment for spills on both land and water. Our products include spill ...

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Gas Alarm Systems is a division of ALVI Technologies Pty Ltd.

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Australian designed & manufactured, we invite you to explore our three extensive park & street furniture ranges - Promenade, Urban Edge ...

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Supplier of innovative, ultra long life, energy efficient LED lights for commercial and residential lighting.

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RBA Group strives to be the leading supplier of Commercial Bathroom Accessories, Commercial Fixtures, and Commercial Tapware.

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