Have you considered all the different types of flooring available? ProjectLink connects you with all the flooring specialists offering a large variety of flooring.  ProjectLink has 18 subcategories to breakdown the different types of flooring available this includes bamboo, carpet, stone and floorboards. The flooring available can be used for commercial or residential buildings both internally and externally. Flooring is an important element to any building project; it is a permanent covering that becomes a structured surface to walk on. When choosing the right type of flooring it all depends on which area is being covered as flooring is created to cover a specific area.

If you are in need of flooring for your building project then browse through the vast range of flooring listed below. By choosing to view a product or service you will be able to get in touch with the supplier directly.

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Flooring Products

Screed Double Beam 4.1

Vibratory double beam screeds are an effective means of compacting large areas of concrete. Used for spans of up to 8.2m


CrystalPave™ uses recycled crushed glass to highlight exterior paving and interior flooring projects. Unlimited customised patterns and shapes can be formed for a wide range of building projects.

Non-Slip Absorbent Matting

Protect floors, benches and shelves with this hard wearing non-slip absorbent roll. As well as being non-slip, each square metre can absorb over 4 litres of fluid.

Suitable for oils, fuels, hydraulic fluid, cutting fluid and more.

Kayar Rubber Floor Covering

SPECTRUM CONTRACT rubber flooring is safe for the environment at every stage of its life, from production to storage, from initial installation to use and to eventual disposal.

GuardIt Porous All Stone Sealer®

The GuardIt Porous All Stone Sealer® is a superior water-based penetrating sealer that is environmentally responsible, and easy to apply at any building or construction site. This sealer is designed for natural stones, precast pavers and brickwork.

Stair Nosing (Grey Slimline with Non Slip Carbide)

Guardian's ground-breaking Peel, Bond & Walk technology is state-of-the-art in its design, yet simple and easy to install, giving it an immediate practical appeal that fully complies with the Australian Standards and Disability Discrimination Act.

DTAC Ultimat™ Tactiles

DTAC Ultimat™ Tactiles combine a high quality finish and flexibility of colour choice with durable UV stabilised urethanes.


AUSCAST RB SERIES offers a range of binders for use as both rubber crumb binder and flexible polyurethane foam binder. These binders are used for a wide range of applications in playground coverings, carpet underlay, and other building project needs.

Fibreglass Walkways

An alternative to the traditional steel and aluminium walkway is a relatively new fibreglass walkway mesh.

Commercial & Vinyl Floor Wastes

This AS/NZS 1589 approved range of floor wastes is manufactured in premium grade nickel bronze or stainless steel. This makes them ideal for internal, external environments and even corrosive or marine environments at any building project site.


SPARTACOTE® FLEX PURE™ is an ultra high solids, two-part aliphatic polyurea sealer/finish concrete coating for protective flooring applications. This very low VOC product emits minimal application odor.

Airstep Commercial Underlays

When choosing an underlay for your commercial project, it doesn't need to be hard work.

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