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Mining Cameras Products

Infrared Cameras for Safety

Safety applications exist in any industry where protection of life and assets is of importance and where an early warning of a potential critical condition is of utmost importance.

Infrared Cameras for Automation

In all industries the possibility to automatically ensure quality and to prevent and detect fires is of vital importance.

Infrared Cameras for Utilities

Utilities worldwide use infrared cameras to locate problems or to detect hot spots and other problems before they turn into costly failures and production downtime or dangerous electrical fires.

Infrared Cameras for Building Diagnostics

Infrared thermography is the easiest and quickest method to detect energy waste, moisture and many other issues in buildings.

Infrared Cameras for the Asphalt Industry

FLIR infrared cameras helped solve a decades-old mystery in asphalt paving. And now they're helping improve the quality of highway construction.


The FLIR A-series thermal imaging cameras are the most effective tool available for infrared machine vision, closed loop process control and quality assurance imaging, helping you to validate and increase product quality .

T-Series Infrared Camera

The T-Series Infrared Camera is a high performance infrared camera with an on-board visual camera, thermal fusion, touch screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, interchangeable lens, and image enhancement.

FLIR A Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging cameras can be used for a wide variety of R&D applications. Until today using a thermal imaging camera was often the privilege for large R&D departments.

FLIR SC7000 Series

The FLIR SC7000 Series is a very flexible camera, with the highest sensitivity, accuracy, spatial resolution and speed.The SC7000 Series is specifically designed for academic and industrial R&D applications as well as integrators.

FLIR SC645 Infrared Camera

The FLIR SC645 Infrared Camera is designed to keep the thermal efficiency of your development project under constant control. It prevents design faults in the making, ensures quality and cuts time-to-market.

Backeye Weatherproof Camera Kit

The Backeye Weatherproof Camera Kit features a 7" anti-glare weatherproof screen making it suitable for outdoor environments.

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