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IBYS LED Highbay

The revolutionary change in commercial and industrial highbay lighting applications is finally here.

Tall Strobe Beacon

Specifically designed for the mining, forestry and construction industries and emergency services vehicles, these Tall Strobe Beacon lights are also suited to any workplace where vehicle visibility is a priority.

Nordic N24 Heavy Duty LED Worklamp

The Nordic N24 Heavy Duty LED Worklamp has multi-voltage operation, a long life LED lens that has a low current draw and weighs just 800 grams.

Isolite Downlight Guards

Warning! Exposed Downlights in Ceilings Do Cause Fires.

Temporary lighting for hire

Hire relocatable solar lighting for road works, construction, security, safety and events

T- LED Direct - D28085

The T- LED Direct replaces fluorescent tubes with almost the same beam angle of normal florescent tubes. This makes the original troffer usable to maximize the light output.

WIBRE LED Surface Mounted Underwater Light

LED Surface Mounted Underwater Light is a stainless steel underwater light, 232mm, 43W with a protection rating of IP68 – for a water depth of up to 3 m, 5040lm. Also with RGBW- LED's available now.

LED Mining Lights

BoscoLighting’s Intrinsically Safe Lights are designed to handle the toughest requirements in dangerous conditions our customers have come to expect.

Green Lighting - Grid Tied Solar Lighting

Grid Tied Solar Lighting has been developed in conjunction with LED Roadway Lighting Ltd, enabling Minor Street Lighting to be power by the sun for the first time.

Mining Roadside and Tunnel Delineators

Mining Roadside Delineators can be manufactured to any height to accommodate 4x4 work vehicles through to jumbo's & the Tunnel delineators come predrilled ready to be dyna bolted to the wall.

Cordless Caplamp ST - 2600A

This is the latest Cordless Caplamp, an all in one light.

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