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Body Glove MVP Knee Support

The Body Glove MVP Knee Support is used to protect the Patella. This protective workwear aids in stabilisation of knee, relief of pain and prevention of injury at the building construction worksites.

Gas Bottles and Cylinder Storage Cages

Global Spill Control gas bottles and cylinder storage cages have been designed with a solid, sloped roof to shed and drain water. Their aluminium construction makes them ideal for various building projects, as they will not rust or corrode.

Mining Plant Access

Accidents due to misuse, or the provision of improper/inadequate means of access to Workplace Plant and Machinery can have catastrophic effect and results.

Zipwall Containment Barrier System

Our Zipwall Containment Barrier System is the professional solution for creating a temporary containment and protection barrier. The applications for this proven system are vast and unique.

Nomex®/Kevlar® High Temperature Fall Protection Range

DBI-SALA introduces their Nomex®/Kevlar® high temperature fall protection range. Offering extended protection for Hot Work and the Utility industry, eliminating the risk of your fall protection equipment igniting or melting!

Intrinsically safe mobile device for compliance inspection

In technical terms the C1D2 rugged cases allow the use of the following mobile devices to record safety inspection results: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s; iPads including mini iPads and iPad air; and Samsung Galaxy S4.

CorTemp - Core Body Temperature Monitor

CorTemp® Ingestible Core Body Temperature Sensor Wirelessly transmits core body temperature as it travels through the digestive tract.

Confined Space

RIGCOM Access’s Confined Space Teams are specially trained and certified to work in confined spaces. It is not worth the risk or the dangers to work in a confined space or to subject your team.


The HingeLink is an anchor point designed for use on metal/tiled/timber structures where there is easy access to the underside of the roof. The base of the unit is hinged enabling flexible means of attachment.


Eye/Face Wash flush hazardous contaminants and skin irritants from face and eyes. VERTECH™ Technology
ensures effective cleansing of contaminants.

Lion Plate

Punched Galvanised Sheet, incorporating Multi Directional anti-slip surface protection, guarding against Slips, Trips and Falls on your Steps and Platforms.

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OTB are exclusive Agents for Body Glove safety equipment, Decade ergonomic products, Con-Space communication systems, 50 Degree cooling ...

Platinum Plus Storefront Platinum Plus Storefront

We manufacture Aussie made oil and chemical spill clean up equipment for spills on both land and water. Our products include spill ...

Platinum Plus Storefront Platinum Plus Storefront

Supplier of Special Purpose, Lockable, Security and Retractable access.

Gold Storefront Gold Storefront

Protecta Group's focus on Temporary Protection Solutions covers a broad range of applications, from dust containment coupled with air ...

Gold Storefront Gold Storefront

Capital Safety, a 3M Company, is the world's leading designer, manufacturer and training provider solely dedicated to providing ...

Gold Storefront Gold Storefront

Pervidi is the #1 suite of software products for automating field work. Providing solutions for field inspections, asset management, ...

Silver Storefront Silver Storefront

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Environmental assessment underway on Olive Downs mining proposal

State Development Minister Dr Anthony Lynham has revealed that a rigorous environmental assessment is underway on the $1 billion Olive Downs mining proposal.

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Major Project Status awarded to Northern Territory mining project

Up to 650 construction and operation jobs could be created after KGL Resources Limited’s Jervois Copper-Silver-Gold Project was granted Major Project Status.

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New coal mine granted coordinated project status

Queensland’s latest coal mine proposal - the $1 billion Olive Downs mine near Moranbah - is a step closer after been given coordinated project status.

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Carmichael coal and rail project granted final approval

The $21.7 billion Carmichael coal and rail project has received its required final major State and Federal Government approval this week.

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Matilda Gold Project reopened

The reopening of the Matilda Gold Project is set to provide an important boost for the gold mining industry in Western Australia.

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Rocklands copper mine officially opened

Cudeco’s Rocklands Copper Mine was officially opened today, with Ministers optimistic the new mine helps to show that Queensland is on track despite a global resources slump.

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SA Mining project granted $200,000 in Government funding

A magnesite mining operation will be established shortly after the SA Government confirmed that they will be able to receive a grant of $200,000.

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Exploration Data Centre beneficiary of $5 million expansion

Natural Resources and Mines Minister Dr Anthony Lynham has today revealed the expanded Exploration Data Centre in Zilmere. The new centre will facilitate the housing of 810 km of rock samples essential to explorers and academics.

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New Skylotec Ignite Harness Series

With their new range harnesses - the Ignite Series, Skylotec is setting new benchmarks with regard to ergonomics and design.

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Western Australia Post Mining Boom Major Projects

With economic and financial capacity directed to infrastructure as well as transport projects across Western Australia, the Federal and State governments have allocated substantial funds for major projects.

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WA Major Projects Conference concludes successfully

More than 300 people gathered at the 7th Annual WA Major Projects Conference last week to review some of the state’s largest and most significant major projects taking place across the state.

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FLIR announces availability of world’s first thermal imaging clamp meter

For a long time, electricians were forced to troubleshoot complex compounded problems by chasing down the cause – one electrical measurement at a time.

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Gas Data Logger

Data logger provides you with detailed information about what is happening to a particular product throughout the cycle. Before selecting your next instrument, consider this important feature.

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Eyelet presses

Eurotech has just launched a range of new Eyelet presses. These range from hand presses, Semi Automatic and fully automatic eyelet machines. All these machines are high quality European manufactured. We also can do custom solutions for your needs!

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