Underground Services

There are many things that happen underground which we may not be aware about, yet contribute significantly to the functionality of our construction projects. All of the pipes that we use to carry water exist underneath the ground, as well as a large portion of electrical and communication ... Read more...

Underground Services Products

FIXA PIPE - Pipe Repair Kit

A FIXA PIPE pipe repair kit is an ultimate cost-effective solution for the temporary repair of damaged/leaking pipes. Suitable for construction, plumbing, mining, manufacturing, marine, DIY, automotive, and other industrial applications.

BVCI Plastic Risers or Collars

BVCI Plastic Risers are used in conjunction with the BVCI Plastic Pit range - P4, P5, P6/8 in areas of remediation where change of ground levels occur. The Riser is also used to create extra depth to achieve cover zones required.

BVCI Concrete Collars

The BVCI Concrete Collar is used for aesthetic purposes and also offers extra support to the top of the Plastic Pit Range and is generally required for Telstra works.

BVCI Cast Iron Covers

BVCI Cast Iron Pit Access Covers available from Class B to Class G Load Rating.

BVCI Telstra Multi-Part Cover & Frame Assemblies

BVCI Telstra Multi-Part Assemblies are used when in situ Telstra pits are required or unavoidable. These underground services make building process as painless and as comfortable as possible.

Underground Services Suppliers

Fulton Industries manufactures and supplies electrical distribution parts and equipment for the electricity supply industry in ...

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We manufacture Aussie made oil and chemical spill clean up equipment for spills on both land and water. Our products include spill ...

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BVCI Pty Ltd specialise in Precast Concrete Pits, Plastic Pits, Communication and Electrical Pits, Stormwater Pits, SCEC Pits & Covers, ...

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Provide service, and innovative solutions to the Tasmanian Mining & Construction Industries.

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