Efflorein Mark 2 Concrete Admixture by ABILITY BUILDING COLOURS

Efflorein Mark 2 is a unique concrete admixture which has been specifically developed by Ability to control the occurrence of efflorescence and the problems associated with salt bloom in Portland cement concrete, mortar and grout products.
  • Efflorein Mark 2 Concrete Admixture by ABILITY BUILDING COLOURS, VIC 3081

Efflorein Mark 2 also helps to improve a range of other concrete performance characteristics in both the plastic and hardened states.

Use with:
Supplied in fully biodegradable paper sacks, Efflorein Mark 2 is suitable for use with virtually any type of concrete, grout or mortar mix, including:

• prepared wet plastic pre-mixed concrete and shotcrete mixes

• cementitious engineering grouts

• tile grouts

• semi-dry, 'earth damp' low water content concrete mixes (such as those used with high compactive forces, in the manufacture of concrete masonry, pavers, roofing tiles, garden furniture and 'ornamental' products)

• masonry mortars

• cement rendering mortars

• stencilled paver effect compositions for existing hardened coloured concrete.

Efflorein Mark 2 Benefits:

Efflorein Mark 2 delivers a range of positive performance enhancement to coloured concrete, including:

• Reduces permeability to water and other solutions (including chloride solutions)

• Increases durability

• Controls the occurrence of efflorescence and problems associated with salt bloom in coloured concrete

• Improves compressive strength

• Increases the intensity and colour saturation of integrally coloured concrete mixes.

Usage and application:

• For Premixed Concrete
• For all other mortar and shotcrete mixes.

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