Eigen FibreTac by EIGEN STONES

Eigen's new range of surface mount TGSI FibreTac gives the industry a new option when it comes to retro fitting system.
  • Eigen FibreTac by EIGEN STONES, VIC 3125
  • Eigen FibreTac by EIGEN STONES, VIC 3125

FibreTac is formed from ultra UV stablized resin reinforced with embedded fibreglass.

The final product is an ultra strong material that not only overcomes easily decomposable rubber / plastic stickon TGSI, it also resolves the bubbling and dog-earissues that are the major tripping hazard that faces similar stickon products.

Eigen FibreTac is manufactured to conform with AS / NZS 1428.4 and it also has a slip rating that makes it suitable to be applied on most Australian walkways.

FibreTac comes in three standard colours,White, Black and Yellow which covers 99% of walkway design where TGSI is required.

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