Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2017

Aug 2017
08:00 AM
Aug 2017
06:00 PM

Manage Risk. Build Trust. Embrace Change. Agility. Efficiency. Productivity. Profit. Digital business can yield many benefits, but it also exposes organizations to new threats and risks.

Today's security and risk practitioners face unprecedented challenges in dealing with the volume and velocity of digital business interactions.

To realize the full potential of digital business, security and risk leaders must deliver a program that establishes the enterprise, with its systems and employees, as a trusted participant in the digital economy. This requires organizations to use adaptive security architectures capable of leveraging intelligence and intelligent systems to enable context-aware security controls.

Building resilient digital business systems that are versatile and dynamic allows security and risk leaders to prepare for and head off increasingly dangerous cyberthreats. At the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2017, 21-22 August, in Sydney, Australia, you'll learn how to use proven practices as well as innovative technologies and methods to help manage increasing cybersecurity risks without unnecessarily inhibiting the business.

Hot topics at the 2017 summit:
- Cybersecurity and threat management Context-aware digital trust
- Adaptive security architectures Data security, classification and loss prevention
- Application security
- Safer cloud computing Informed risk governance
- Security analytics, attack and anomaly detection
- Identity governance and access management
- Network security
- Security awareness and training
- Impact of IoT on security
- Mobile security for digital business
- Talent and skills management

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