ICT Professionals Leadership Toolkit

May 2017
08:30 AM
May 2017
04:30 PM

Proven strategies to increase leadership capability and drive ICT performance as a strategic leader.

Information Technology is not only a vital underpinning for an organisation’s success but with the convergence of business, consumer and communication technology, is now integral to core business operations. ICT staff must therefore be both technically proficient and business savvy, and be capable of solving complex business-systems and client facing problems quickly and efficiently.

Even the most accomplished ICT professional will find that technology skills alone will not assure either effective leadership or strategic thinking. To be a leader and add strategic value to the organisation, ICT professionals need to complement their occupational expertise with breakthrough leadership and coherent strategic business planning skills.

This two-day workshop will delve into strategies for driving performance, modifying your communication style, engaging staff and stakeholders and adding strategic value through enhanced ICT leadership. Delegates will address their own leadership styles, strengthen existing skills and develop new leadership techniques.

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