High Security Mesh Fencing - Securemax 358 by AUSTRALIAN SECURITY FENCING PTY LTD

Securemax® 358 fencing brings with it an assurance that your building will be protected for years. This fencing system is a perfect structure to support or complement various additional detection systems such as EDS Electric Detection Systems.
  • High Security Mesh Fencing - Securemax 358 by AUSTRALIAN SECURITY FENCING PTY LTD, NSW 2756

100% Australian made, Securemax® 358 fencing is manufactured especially for the security industry. It is widely used for its strength, appearance and anti-climb/anti-attack profile. Created from 4mm zinc alloy coated wire, the finger-proof mesh format is produced by machine contact welding at each intersection.

The aperture of 71mm x 9mm makes it extremely difficult to penetrate using conventional hand tools presenting a higher delay factor greater than that of other fencing products. Rear tamper proof fixings assure that the panel cannot be removed from the attack side.

Endorsed for Government use, Securemax® 358 is several times harder to penetrate than other high security fences. With a history of successful installations throughout Australia and Europe, closed space mesh security fencing is becoming the security fence of choice.


  • Bridge anti-climb guarding & guard safety screening
  • Sub-station security fencing
  • Psychiatric hospital security fencing
  • Prison security fencing
  • Factory machine guards
  • Walkway security fencing
  • Airport security fencing
  • Shipping port security fencing
  • Electrical sub-station fencing
  • Water treatment works
  • Gas pipelines security fence
  • High security window grilles
  • Balustrades security fence
  • Numerous others commercial/industrial security fence uses

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