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Action Line Marking - our unrivalled commitment to customer service, innovation and state of the art equipment, ensures our products and services exceed our client expectations, and are the benchmark by which the competition is measured.

We offer a wide variety of line marking services and would like to discuss your needs today.

Action Line Marking established in 1992 from humble beginnings, has grown to become the market leader in the Road Marking Industry. Action Line Marking employs 25 full time highly trained experienced staff to deliver any size project.

Our service extends from all areas of the metropolitan area to all regional areas of South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Since purchasing a line marker for main roads, there is no job too big or too small for Action Line Marking.

With our expansion, businesses such as

  • DPTI
  • Local Government
  • Airports
  • Car parks/shopping centres
  • Civil works and
  • Industry contractors

have all reaped the benefits of our expert and technically advanced work.

Asset Management

Our database system can provide you with the information to administer and control your line marking requirements.

You can now

  • Forward plan
  • Receive faster Service and have
  • Peace of mind when Re-ordering

Symbols and Messages

Action Line Marking can also assist you with the painting of school crossings, railway crossings, chevrons and arrows.  If required, slip resistant paint can be used.

Car Parks

Let Action Line Marking show you how to use your available parking space efficiently.  This can be achieved through the use of messages, arrows and parking bays.

Wheelstops, RPMs & Pavement Bars

We install cats eyes and wheelstops (rumble bars).  All installation products pass Australian Standard and only approved adhesives are used when installing.

Commercial & Industrial Sites

Do you want less confusion with the delivery of your freight?  Let Action Line Marking provide you with the best traffic guidance system to keep your product and people safe.

Factories & Warehousing

Action Line Marking can help you decide on the most efficient and safest method of marking out storage bays and pedestrian or vehicle access lanes.

Traffic Management / White Card

All our staff have been trained and are accredited in Workzone Traffic Control, approved by DPTI.  When they arrive on site, signage is set up ensuring the crews can concentrate on the job at hand.  This enables us to minimise the inconvenience to the public whilst ensuring a safer work environment for our employees.

All traffic control signage and devices are supplied on each job where applicable.

Measurement & Inventory

All of our line marking machines are calibrated and tested.  We will measure and record your road based assets.

Ensuring that the correct amount of paint is applied to the surface being marked and conforming with the Australian Standards and DPTI Standards.

This information can then be stored in your preferred database.


We service the following applications:

  • road marking of all types of lines including new installations
  • new line marking
  • installing new or repainting messages and symbols
  • line removal (blacking out or machine grinding)
  • marking car parks
  • airports
  • line marking of sports courts
  • factories, schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial sites
  • safety bars, and rails, kerb painting
  • sign installation
  • all signage supplied for traffic management
  • sweeping


Newest addition to Action Group of Companies - Roadline Removal SA/NT Pty Ltd

Eco Friendly line removal of:

  • paint
  • waterborne paint
  • thermoplastic applications
  • runway rubber
  • plastics
  • glue
  • tape
  • curing compound
  • paint spills, etc
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Action Line Marking


Roadline Removal 1

Removal of Thermo

Roadline Removal 2

Removal of Paint.

RPM Installation

Installation of RRPMs (Reflective Raised Pavement Markers) on the Southern Expressway

RPM Removal

Removal of RRPMs (Reflective Raised Pavement Markers)