Aggreko is the global leader in the rental of power generation and temperature control solutions for major industries.

Aggreko is the global leader in the rental of power generation and temperature control solutions for major industries.

We help customers increase profits by creating opportunities, solving power generation and temperature control problems and reducing risk by utilising our unique network of global locations, rental equipment and technical services.

Since its' foundation 50 years ago, Aggreko has grown impressively to become the world's leading provider of temporary power generation solutions.

Whatever the application, from operating a remote gold mine to commissioning a new oil production facility, serving the power demands of major cities in times of shortfall from the grid or keeping essential services running during scheduled maintenance periods, our global experience of solving power problems gives peace of mind to our customers and allows them to focus on managing their core business.

With over 5,000 staff across 165 locations we offer 24 hours, 7 days a week services to companies across a variety of industries. In Australia we deliver solutions to companies in the following industries:

Our operations span across strategically positioned service depots for rapid fleet deployment across Australia. For the service depot near you please visit our locations page.
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Aggreko - What We Do

Aggreko specialises in providing power and temperature control solutions to customers who need them, either very quickly or perhaps for a short period, or, in some cases just for as long as they are needed.

Aggreko opens gas power station for Gold Mine - Australia

Take a look at how our efficient gas power station helped mining company Gold Fields reduce their operational costs and emissions.

Aggreko solutions for the mining industry

Aggreko provides fully flexible power packages for every stage of the mine lifecycle, from project planning and construction, through to commissioning, production, expansion and eventual ramp-down.

Aggreko – Myanmar Case Study

In Myanmar, Aggreko delivered a 95 MW 132 kV gas power project in just 120 days.

Aggreko - Panama Case Study

Aggreko delivered 80MW of power in just 60 days to support hydro-electric plants in Panama during dry season.

Aggreko - Yealands Winery Case Study

During the vintage season, award winning Yealands Winery in New Zealand has more over 20,000 tons of produce which has to be harvested very quickly.

Aggreko Oil & Gas Case Study

See how Aggreko installs 13.8 MW in remote oil field in Argentine Patagonia

Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM)

The next step in the evolution of Aggreko's equipment diagnostic services, Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) improves uptime and helps our customers to keep their operations running at peak efficiency.

Aggreko - Cuzco Case Study

30 MW Cuzco, Peru Power Project time-lapse demonstrates Aggreko's ability to install the multi-megawatt plant in a matter of weeks.

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