BoscoLighting - LED Lighting Specialist


BoscoLighting is one of Australia’s leading lighting manufacturers, specialising in high quality LED lighting solutions.

BoscoLighting is committed to developing emerging state-of-the-art LED technologies that are not only highly beneficial for the environment, but also provide our customers with a long term, maintenance free solution that has a lower lifetime cost whilst improving productivity.

As a highly innovative manufacturer with product ranges across most industries, we are able to design and customise products for specific purposes, ensuring the highest quality solution to virtually any lighting problem.

Our company manufactures innovative LED lighting products for a range of applications, which encompass: Architectural, Commercial, Mining and Industrial.

Our LED lights are designed to form and highlight architectural shapes and designs for a wide variety of applications. They are typically used to form building outlines or create highlights of select features. Our LED lighting range comes in a variety of shapes and colours, allowing bold designs and creative accents.

Every type of commercial space has different requirements led by varying visions and scopes. Our Commercial LED lighting range is designed and developed to suit our end users needs and changing requirements. With a wide range of products to suit almost every application, we are well prepared to assist in the creation of an effective, economical and productive workspace.

Our Intrinsically Safe Light solutions are specifically designed and created for the harsh conditions and acidic dust of coalmines and other hazardous environments. We supply a solid lighting solution that is well designed for the relentless wear and tear of the mining industry.

Industrial facilities are known to present unique challenges. With Workplace Health and Safety the number one priority of our customers, we work hard to ensure you and your workers have a well lit workplace that meets and exceeds standards and regulations.


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