Civil Safety Products is a newly formed company, 3 guys who have been working in the Construction, Civil Construction and Telecommunications industries for the past 25 years could see that there was a need to find innovative and environmentally friendly products to assist the Australian and New Zealand markets. Our philosophy is to explore a vast amount of product suppliers and bring to the Aust & NZ market only the most innovative products that will assist the industry in the reduction of asset strikes and safety incidents on Construction Sites at realistic prices without compromising on the quality of the products.

Civil Safety Product Mission

    • Our mission is to provide revolutionary products that will assist and improve safety in the Construction, Civil Construction, Telecommunications, Road works, Local Government, events  and aged care industries we will provide this through the provision of innovative products.
    • As much as practicable utilise environmentally sustainable materials or products that will reduce the amount of wastage from site works.
    • Assist the industry to reduce the amount of asset strikes and safety incidents on construction sites.

Civil Safety Products Objectives

    • Supply an innovative sweet of Civil and Construction safety products within the Aust and NZ markets
    • Provide revolutionary products that assist all aspects of the Construction and Civil industries
    • Be the supplier of choice for innovative Civil safety products within Aust & NZ
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