Intelligent Compressed Air Products to Conserve Energy and Improve Safety

Compressed Air Australia is an Australian-owned company established in 2004 as the leading distributor of compressed air operated products and accessories that currently solve problems in industrial plants throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands.

We have strategically located stocking distributors in the main population centres to serve our customers. Our head office and distribution centre is located in Darwin, Northern Territory, where we assist our clients with technical and practical information by telephone, fax and email.

 The products we offer are from the leading manufacturers and are of extremely high quality. They have been developed in response to what our customers ask for.

Our wide range of EXAIR Intelligent Compressed Air® products is designed to maximise the efficiency of your compressed air resources as well as reduce noise levels and reduce air consumption, thereby helping to reduce your production costs.  An example of this is EXAIR’s Super Air Knife, which uses 63% less air and, operating at 70 dBA for most applications, is 11 times quieter than typical drilled pipe blowoffs!  EXAIR compressed air products meet OSHA noise level and pressure requirements and are CE compliant.  

Protect your most important assets – your employees, machinery and equipment!  PROTECT-AIR® protection units for compressed air systems help you to tackle Workplace Health and Safety issues as well as increase efficiency and ensure cost saving production. Our HoseGuard® Air Fuse has a factory set air volume that immediately shuts off the compressed air supply in the event of a broken compressed air pipe or hose.  SaveAir® and ToolReg® preset miniature regulators keep an exact outlet pressure going to your tools, regardless of the input pressure thereby preventing dynamic pressure waste.

PIPETITE sealing technology for use in wall and ceiling penetrations can seal a connection while allowing for significant movement of the pipe. PIPETITE's are manufactured from FDA certified hygienic white silicone and can be adapted to fit most pipe or tube diameters, including pneumatic tube and electrical cable.

Further information, including demonstration videos, is available from our website at //

Thank you for your interest in our products and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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