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Rejuvenate your roads and pavements in a cost-effective and sustainable way with PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is a highly effective soil stabilisation product for sealed and unsealed road construction and maintenance, mining haul road maintenance, embankment stabilisation, transport hardstands and general earthwork.

Pavement stabilisation:
Stabilising pavements with PolyCom Stabilising Aid delivers comparable results to traditional stabilising methods with regard to strength, but also imparts a high degree of water resistance and all important flexibility. With no cure-time constraints, the pavement is re-workable at anytime, making PolyCom significantly more cost-effective. All ground improvement work with PolyCom can be achieved using standard construction plant or stabilising machines.

Sub-grade improvement and capping:
PolyCom Stabilising Aid introduces water resistance, improved workability and increased strength to in-situ materials, delivering a more resilient and environmentally sustainable platform for your project. Strengthened sub-grades deliver huge cost advantages by enabling more economic pavement designs and drainage options. Sub-grade capping substantially reduces, and can even eliminate, re-work from weather or traffic damage in cut-to-fill operations, reducing project costs even further.

Wear course up-grade:
Wear courses on council roads, rural tracks and access roads all benefit from improvement with PolyCom. The innovative road stabiliser can be incorporated into the pavement during a standard service where re-mixing and re-shaping is performed.

A PolyCom improved pavement will deliver extended service interval requirements with increased strength, a highly resilient surface and water resistance.

Dust and sediment control:
Tighter and more durable water resistant road surfaces produce much less fugitive dust and sediment run off to water ways. These improved surfaces are critical for the environment and are fast becoming the minimum requirement for all road builders involved in construction, energy, mining and local government. Created with PolyCom Stabilising Aid, road surfaces like this have a significantly reduced ecological impact, are simple to produce and are easily maintained with correct procedures.

Mining road improvements:
PolyCom Stabilising Aid can guarantee reductions in haul fleet costs. Improvements to running course strength and wear-ability, as well as reductions in rolling resistance are easily achieved and just as easily maintained with small changes to operational procedures. These improved water resistant roads will deliver substantial net haul fleet savings to the operator.


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PolyCom stabilised logging road 2015

PolyCom Stabilising Aid was used to strengthen and improve this Public harvesting road that was easily damaged during wet weather and very dusty during dry weather.

Road stabilising with PolyCom Stabilising Aid made easy

Australian made and produced road stabilising PolyCom Stabilising Aid is environment and OHS compliant. Accepted by local government departments and civil contractor's alike, PolyCom is changing the way roads are being built Australia wide.

Road Stabilizer simplicity

All about PolyCom road stabiliser. What it does and where it works as well as who can use PolyCom.

Road shoulder repair alternative method

How to repair road shoulders using only a grader, roller and watercart using PolyCom Stabilising Aid. Sustainable polymer road construction additive made in Australia.

Aerial video of PolyCom Stabilising Aid dry spread method

Short video explanation of how PolyCom Stabilising Aid is applied. More detailed explanation is available on or by contacting us via details on our web page.

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Asphalt DIY and home maintenance repairs have never been so easy. Potholes? Damaged asphalt? It's all sorted with QPR premium pavement repair as you'll see in this short vid. Buy QPR pavement repair online at for home delivery.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is Unique among Polymers for roads

The unique nature of PolyCom makes it different and simpler to achieve the desired results for all road crews using the basic machinery that almost all road maintenance crews already have. No special skills required.

Sports fields and PolyCom Stabilising Aid

Sub Grade issues easily solved with PolyCom treatment enabled the project to finish on time, on budget and required no special machinery or engineering input.

Hockey field and PolyCom Stabilising aid how to.

Stabilisation of Hockey field sub-grade with PolyCom soil stabiliser. Mixed in easily with ripper tynes of a laser bucket. T

Bob the road builder saves the day with PolyCom

Road maintenance animation on utilising smart technology in a very simple form.

How to use PolyCom by dry spread method

Basic method statement on how to do unsealed road improvement with PolyCom Stabilising Aid. No import of any new material saves money, time and water whilst providing increased road performance and reducing maintenance by six times or more.

What can I do with PolyCom Stabilising Aid

Stabilise and improve your sealed and unsealed roads simply, easily and efficiently using your existing Grader, water truck and roller. PolyCom is an Australian innovation bringing change to the way materials and design of pavement are created.

Road Maintenance, Mining and Civil Construction with PolyCom

Sustainable road construction and maintenance with PolyCom Stabilising Aid. A unique Australian made road additive for many kinds of pavement construction and maintenance.

Road Shoulders and how to use PolyCom Stabilising Aid

Road shoulder stabilisation using on site material and PolyCom Stabilising Aid usually comes in at half the cost of traditional methods and can be done using only a grader, water cart and a roller.

Diamonds in the dirt revealed with PolyCom Stabilising Aid

Road and civil construction crews are using PolyCom to add value and speed to construction and maintenance projects by using on site materials rather than hauling gravel and crushed rock for great distances.

How to use PolyCom Stabilising Aid

How to video basic application for road stabilising with PolyCom. Simple cost effective road stabilising, manufactured in Australia. OHS and environment compliant.

Reduce your carbon emissions with PolyCom Stabilising Aid for road construction and maintenance

Reduced carbon footprint on unsealed road construction and maintenance using PolyCom in place of re sheeting roads.

Australian PolyCom Pavement Stabilisation is versatile

Pavement and earthworks stabilisation using PolyCom Stabilising Aid. Manufactured in Australia for stabilizing different soil types, from sub grade to fine crushed rock and many materials commonly encountered in road construction and maintenance.