Enviro-Acoustics are specialist installers of architecturally finished acoustic, thermal and fire rating solutions throughout Australia. With 15 years experience and projects such as Sydney Superdome, Fox Studios, Sydney Opera House to name a few.

Envirospray 300 Ideal Applications:

Metal Roofs of stadiums, factories, theatres, educational facilities for rain noise reduction, thermal insulation and condensation control. 

Concrete floors above Car Parks, 5 & 6 Green Star commercial buildings, loading docks for reverberation control.

Plasterboard ceilings in restaurants, lecture halls, cinemas, auditoriums for echo reduction.

Masonry or drywall cavities of night clubs, studios, theatres, stadiums for transmission loss and reverberation control.

All offering an architectural finish, a carpet like texture pleasing to the eye.

Link to envirospray: http://www.envirospray300.com.au/products/products.asp 


Woodtex All Weather Panels: Effective all weather acoustic absorber and transmission loss barrier in challenging environments

- Ideal Industrial Applications: Power Transmission SVC / TCR Enclosures, Plant-rooms, Lift motor rooms, Motorway Acoustic walls, Acoustic fences.

- Ideal Architectural Uses: Ceilings for Night Clubs, Library, Restaurants, Airport Halls, Lining of corridors and other high traffic enclosed spaces, Inserted noise barriers below Club Hall and Theatre metal roofs

Link to woodtex:  http://www.woodtex.com.au/


Thermacoustic TC-417 Spray Applied Thermal/Acoustic Insulation is a general purpose biosoluble glasswool in vivid white colour. Its unique formulation allows it to be applied up to 150mm (R4.5) thick in one single application making it a hot favorite for BCA/Section J thermal requirements to Car Park Slabs and Roof Soffits.

Thermacoustic AF-90 is the upmarket cousin of TC-417 that has an extra fine visual finish in Vivid White, with outstanding acoustic properties. Because of this it is excellent for restaurants, boardrooms, hotel lobbies, call centres, libraries and art theatres.

Link to Our Thermacoustic Products: http://www.thermacoustic.com.au/

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