Innosafe Pty Ltd is a company dedicated to the creation of a safe working environment across all industry sectors. As our name suggests, we are extremely innovative in creating custom safety designs to adapt to most working situations.

Where there is machinery and people involved in a business operation there will be instances where accidents occur.  Our job is to create an environment that limits the chances of such events occurring.

Workplace safety has moved rapidly over the past few years, and as a result, many companies have demanded the latest technology to assist in bringing their vehicles into line with government legislations.

The range of Innosafe solutions are aimed at meeting the requirements of your workplace safety standards. Our R&D team are constantly being updated on the latest in safety requirements, and our focus is constantly on improving the product range to meet these standards.

Innosafe solutions are not only designed to make the workplace safer, but to assist in the improvement of productivity and functionality. We provide Australian designed and manufactured products that meet the standards and demands of the industry.

All Innosafe products are designed to meet the following criteria:

• Must have a recognizable and measurable improvement on OH&S
• Must meet the durability requirements of the most demanding industries
• Must have a recognizable and measurable improvement to productivity

As part of our dedication to workplace safety, Innosafe Pty Ltd is continuing to develop new and better products to meet the demands of changing work environments and the latest technologies of forklift manufacturers.

Our company also works closely with a number of major manufacturers to develop exclusive products for their vehicles that are designed to blend into the ergonomic designs and electrical/mechanical demands.

Our expert consultants at Innosafe are more than happy to provide consultations and quotes to assist you in making your workplace a safe environment for you, your employees and visitors.

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