MAK Water is a privately owned Australian company providing water and wastewater treatment solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors.

Founded in 2003 as a service and maintenance business, MAK has evolved into an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), designing and building water treatment plant and equipment for the Australian and overseas markets.

In 2013, MAK Water purchased industrial water equipment manufacturer, Clearmake, adding oil water separation, clarification and water recycling to its portfolio of in-house plant designs.

As a combined entity, the business has been successfully operating for more than 20 years, employs over 70 people across Australia and has installed more than 4,000 systems throughout Australasia and SE Asia.

MAK fully customises water management systems and services for infrastructure projects, government utilities, general industry and the mining and gas sectors.

Services include design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, operation and equipment maintenance for all types of water and wastewater treatment systems. MAK also offers a range of consumables and chemicals for ongoing system performance and a complete range of standard products for small tradewaste, spill control and stormwater management projects.

MAK has developed a reputation for delivering superior service and high performing systems, enabling its clients to reduce operating costs and extend equipment life-cycles.

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