Pryda Australia is a division of ITW Australia Pty Ltd.

Pryda is a world leader and specialist in the development, manufacture and marketing of timber connecting systems, software and equipment for the production of roof and floor trusses, wall frames, engineered framing timber and timber connectors for a wide range of applications in the Australian market.

Pryda has a network of licensed truss and frame manufacturing plants located throughout Australia and New Zealand who can happily assist you. To find your preferred licensed Pryda truss and frame plant please click on the link or call 1800 810 741.


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Pryda Build Software Solves Complex Roof Design

When no other manufacturer was prepared to take on the task, Pryda has combined with one of its QLD fabricators, Bretts Frame and Truss to solve the comprehensive detailing problems faced with the complex roof design of an exclusive Brisbane home.

Pryda Floor Cassettes

Demonstration of the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of Pryda floor cassettes in both sub floor and upper storey applications