SICK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems and automatic identification products for Factory Automation, Logistic Automation and Process Automation applications. Whether automating factories or optimizing distribution centres, or monitoring emissions from a stack, SICK provides cost-effective solutions.

Our company has pioneered a long line of industry firsts – such as the first safety light curtain, the first colour sensor, and many more. These innovations provide solutions to virtually every industry application.

SICK Pty Ltd was established in Australia as a wholly owned subsidiary of SICK AG, Germany in September 1982 with our New Zealand Sales Office established in March 1998. Our position as market leader for sensors has been built and continues to be built on the reputation of the quality of our products and our know-how to solve complex applications.

Our parent company, SICK AG founded in 1946, and has grown a global presence with almost 50 national and international subsidiaries and sales offices. SICK currently employs more than 6,000 employees worldwide.

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SICK AG Corporate Video

For millions of people, day after day: SICK AG Corporate Video

3vistor-P CV : Effective 3D collision warning assistance

3vistor-P CV is perfectly designed for use on heavy duty off-road vehicles working in outdoor environments for example at ports, mines, construction sites and agricultural sectors.

Prevent vehicle fires on roadways: VHD Pro (Vehicle Hot Spot Detector)

The VHD Pro (Vehicle Hot Spot Detector) profiling system combines thermal imaging cameras and laser measurement scanners to detect overheated vehicles. It is installed before critical road sections such as tunnels, or ferry and train boarding areas.

Vehicle classification over multiple lanes: TIC102 Traffic Information Collector

The Traffic Information Collector (TIC) is an integrated traffic measurement system that is based on SICK laser measurement technology, a technology that is used in thousands of traffic applications worldwide.

VPS Pro (Vehicle Profiling System): Automatic measurement of vehicle dimensions

The VPS Pro (Vehicle Profiling System) profiling system is designed for automatic measurement of vehicle dimensions using eye-safe laser scanners.

Inspector vision sensor from SICK - High-performance part inspection made easy

The Inspector is an intelligent vision solution in an easy-to-use sensor package.

Door and gate control with sensors

When it comes to accident anti collision prevention, SICK offers a whole range of building automation solutions that enable doors, gates, and windows to be safeguarded with sensors.

Reflex Array from SICK: The photoelectric sensor with the light band

The Reflex Array is unique. The MultiTask photoelectric sensor detects the leading edge of small, flat, transparent, or uneven objects within its light band, regardless of position.

Facade protection with laser detectors from SICK: theft, intrusion and vandalism detection

The facade of a building can be protected by a laser detector from SICK like the LMS131 or LMS531 in order to avoid intrusion, theft and vandalism. If a person is detected, an alarm is triggered.

deTec4 Prime safety light curtain

deTec4 Prime : Easy commissioning, intuitive wiring and proven reliability

Tunnel ventilator control

To effectively control ventilation the air quality in road tunnels must be determined continuously. This is achieved with the accurate measurement of visibility, CO and NO concentrations as well as air velocity.

LECTOR®620 image-based code reader from SICK: The new dimension in code reading

The LECTOR®62x is an industrial, compact image-based code reader with highly reliable identification of 1D, 2D and direct part mark (DPM) codes.

MultiPac from SICK - for extreme detection

The MultiPac photoelectric sensor is designed for challenging applications which require detection of very shiny and irregular targets.

Flexi Soft from SICK: The modular safety controller that cleverly incorporates advantages

When design engineers become euphoric, there must be a good reason. Perhaps the latest safety controller from SICK? It is so safe and intelligent that a new word had to be invented for it: Flexi Soft.

OD Mini from SICK: New short range distance sensor (displacement) for µm precise measurement

Simple, precise, and economic solutions for measuring tasks; the OD Mini short range distance sensors (displacement) are impressive with their compact and rugged housing.

Contrast sensor KTM from SICK: Mini, easy, speedy

The KTM contrast sensor from SICK stands out thanks to its high grayscale resolution integrated in a small, established housing.