Pervidi Paperless Inspections- is a true paperless inspection software, where the term 'inspection' represents any type of field activity or data collection. Pervidi can be used to automate a large variety of business processes and activities.

Pervidi Components include:

  • Web Portal
  • Desktop / Client-Server Management Software
  • Trigger Engine
  • Android App
  • iPhone App
  • Laptop / Tablet Software (offline)
  • Integrated Barcode/RFID
  • Integrated Camera and GPS
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Corrective Actions
  • Enhanced Management Reporting
  • Integration with LDAP or other Downstream Applications
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Safety Inspection Software

Safety Inspection software- Scaffold safety inspection, fire equipment inspection software, cranes routine inspection software, construction safety inspection software

Inspection Software

Inspection software on mobile devices, paperless inspections, eliminate paper from inspection processes. All types of inspection-prestart checks, safety inspection, crane inspection, assets inspection, audits, surveys, observations, mobile inspection

Paperless inspections using mobile devices

Mobile inspection software- paperless inspections works on all devices- (Android, iOS, Windows mobile), safety, compliance, facility, asset maintenance, integrate barcodes, RFID, camera ,GPS, time, signature, Instant reporting and very easy to use.

Paperless pre-start checklists app

Short video on how mobile device can assists in pre-start checks for vehicles, equipment and plant. Paperless checklists & compliance inspections. Including corrective actions, automatic notifications. Easy to use. iOS and Android.

Paperless inspection app.

Compliance and safety inspection and audits using Apple, windows mobile and Android smartphones or tablets. Perform any type of inspection or audit on your mobile phone. Easy to use paperless inspection app.

Farm inspections

If you own a farm, you likely are familiar with all of the regulations. Farms are required to perform and log a variety of inspections. Regular, planned workplace inspections are necessary for farm buildings, structures, machinery and more.

Paperless Inspection for fall protection equipment

The paperless inspection application has been specifically configured to suit any type of fall protection equipment- Harnesses, Safety Belts, Lanyards, Safety Nets, Ladders, Scaffolding, Shock Absorber for Personal Fall Arrest Systems, etc.