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Topez Wholesale Decor & Garden is a major wholesale supplier of Garden, Home and Corporate Decor products servicing Australia wide, also internationally.

Landscaping projects has come a long way over the last 10 years or so. With the increase in demands in unique garden features, landscaping is now about creating art pieces to complement a garden renovation or introducing key pieces as focal point to bring together a themed landscape. Topez Wholesale specialized in bringing and developing options into the market.

Topez range currently includes mid to large size decorative style indoor/ outdoor pots, planters, water features and garden ornaments which are aimed towards the mid end of the market or for use in commercial building and general public areas. All items are unique hand made goods that are non-mass produced made available within a variety of materials and styles ranging from modern lightweight fiberglass to rustic, heavy high-fired ceramics and anywhere in between.

Topez Wholesale also provides custom manufacturing capability to suit a range of commercial purposes. Previous projects examples are: shopping centre fit out, schools, hospital and various government buildings. In addition, Topez has partnership with sourcing agents around the world to assist clients with purchasing specific but hard to find garden features.

For more information, contact Topez Wholesale on 03 9391 6643, by email: or visit our website: // .

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