Enhance your garden with Stoneset hardscaping By STONESET AUSTRALIA

News Date: 19 Apr 2017

Category: Parks & Outdoor

Enhance your garden with StoneSet’s hardscaping designs this autumn. Autumn in Australia is a beautiful time of year to do some meaningful work in the garden.

Enhance your garden with Stoneset hardscaping

It's not too hot or too cold and the air is dry. While you let nature do her work of ripening your flowers and your fruits and vegetables for harvest time, and while you watch the leaves change colours and neglect raking them as they fall to the ground, imagine new StoneSet garden pathways for your garden and a new StoneSet floor for your greenhouse and enhance the aesthetics of your entire garden. 

StoneSet offers an amazing green product to pave your garden paths with a porous natural stone material. The tiny voids in StoneSet allow water to pass through to the soil. Conserve water, and walk on a strong puddle-free and slip-resistant surface while you tend your garden in style. StoneSet is sustainable, has minimal maintenance, and lasts 25 years with a ten-year guarantee. Hardscaping is so easy with StoneSet!

StoneSet has an extensive range of natural stone colours and vibrant colours of recycled glass so any design appropriate for your garden is possible. Your garden sets a portfolio of examples of your artistic talents, so now frame your masterpiece garden with StoneSet's palette of natural stone and recycled glass colours. See our portfolio of StoneSet masterpieces and our picture gallery museum on our website for some great ideas. 


Map out where you walk while you tend to your gardens and where you like to sit in the garden to read or birdwatch. Design a pathway at least two feet wide, so you can wheel your garden cart around and walk wherever you need to in order to have full access to your garden's nooks and crannies and to properly plant and harvest your flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Add small patios in shaded areas, perhaps 4' x 5' or a little larger, where a table and two chairs will fit nicely into your design. Pathways and patios need not be straight or square; design paths that wind through the garden areas and create patios of any shape that compliment your property.

You can also surround trees with porous StoneSet in the shape of a patio. It's good for the tree(s) and a perfect place to relax or to have a picnic in the garden. Contact us to help your dream garden design come true. 


If you have a greenhouse in your garden, StoneSet's porous paving creates the best greenhouse floor that breathes, allowing air and water to pass through to the soil below. Natural humidity nourishes your plants' health. Light colours of flooring reflect light and keep the greenhouse nice and cool, so it's a pleasant place for you to plant seeds and transplants to fill your garden.

With StoneSet, any floor design you imagine is possible, puddle-free, slip-resistant, and environmentally friendly, and will last for ten years guaranteed. Contact our designers to pick your colours and plan your greenhouse floor this autumn.


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