New Options in Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets By ALLPLASTICS Engineering

News Date: 05 Dec 2017

Category: Buildings

Allplastics have provided unbreakable Hard Coat 6mm thick polycarbonate mirrors for a diverse range of projects including government facilities such as police stations, mental health units and prisons.

New Options in Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets

Other projects include public restrooms and boat toilets.  In facilities such as these lightweight and unbreakable mirrors are the preferred choice over glass or acrylic mirrors.

The polycarbonate mirror has the advantage of being almost unbreakable.  This has the added advantage of safety.  It is almost impossible to shatter the mirror to use broken pieces as a weapon to self-harm or harm others.

Despite its features and benefits Hard Coat Polycarbonate mirror can be cost prohibitive in applications where the surface toughness and durability is not critical.  In these instances, Allplastics also offer a standard polycarbonate mirror which is available in 3m x 2m x 6mm thickness.  This option is a more affordable choice where safety and toughness are more important than the longevity of the mirrored surface.

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