Relieve stress: Playful patio family fun project By STONESET AUSTRALIA

News Date: 16 Jul 2017

Category: Buildings

Enhance your house this year with a new practical space to please adults and children alike! Add a playful patio to your property for improved quality family time at home.

Relieve stress: Playful patio family fun project

Half children's playground and half adult patio, a playful patio allows all to spend quality time in an environmentally friendly sophisticated style that only StoneSet's paving offers. 

StoneSet is the perfect paving product to create stress-relieving creative spaces. StoneSet's high quality flexible polyurethane resin binds natural stone or recycled glass at the contact points leaving natural voids between stones for a porous result that allows rain or irrigation water and air to pass through to the earth below.

The hardened surface resists slips for safety and minimizes puddles quickly for mosquito prevention in your playful patio area. StoneSet's hardscaping compliments any home's architecture and provides a durable surface to support your outdoor furniture, grill, and bar and the children's playground equipment or toy storage benches. 

When it rains, water drains through the surface to nourish your lawn or garden and dries faster to get back to playing sooner. StoneSet's surfaces surround trees that provide shade to your patio area or raised garden beds near your patio area for more useful play space and less maintenance. StoneSet's surfaces surround pools, hot tubs, garden ponds, or fountains beautifully for slip-resistant hard porous surfaces where they are most needed. With StoneSet, create floors gazebos or greenhouses, and pathways to connect your property's landscaping features. Incorporate your yard's best features into your playful patio space, as StoneSet has many great applications and practical paving benefits. 

Designing your StoneSet playful patio allows your children's ideas and your ideas to come together in a fun family project. StoneSet products come in 27 colours of natural stone to soothe adults and all the colours of the rainbow in recycled glass to add bright stimulating accents to your playground area. With these colours, the kids can include their own artwork. Lighter colours of natural stone keep your playing surface and your players cooler, while darker colours make bold accents, patterns, or borders to add eye-catching dimension to your design. 

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