Running safe music festivals & events by digitalizing event inspections By TECHS4BIZ AUSTRALIA


News Date: 06 Dec 2017

Category: Buildings

The modern music event is more than just a platform, act and crowd. High-end equipment and intricate procedures require careful management, inspection and oversight.

Running safe music festivals & events by digitalizing event inspections

Contemporary festivals and music performances are a result of effective organization and supervision. High-end equipment and intricate procedures require careful management, inspection and oversight. This is not only for the part of the event that the consumer experiences, but also everything that happens backstage and surrounding the event in logistics before, during and after the event. With music events having a designated time-slot and often requiring a quick turnaround, automating inspections provides numerous benefits. Music event inspections can be quick and effective, whilst still ensuring the highest degree of conformity.

Digital or paperless inspection applications on mobile devices provide a dynamic and versatile way to carry out inspections. Carrying printed inspection paper forms delivers several hurdles; notably the time spent completing them, their rigid composition and the fact that they need to be physically stored before, during and after an event. Going paperless removes the time-consuming and constraining nature of printed forms, improving productivity.

The ability to provide the correct documentation and information is however not lost. Clients can be shown reports, and records can be easily provided for any external use. For the inspector, the applicable additional records and informational material, can be easily attached for each inspection section. Another benefit working complimentary to this, is the diverse recording methods that paperless inspection software can provide. Speech to text, camera and annotation, are examples of several ways in which operators and inspectors can make a quick and easy input. As few event venues are the same, music inspections require a diverse, often adaptable way of recording and checking. 

Electronic paperless inspection/job management solutions, combined with tailoring to individual businesses, means all aspects of safety, efficiency, job management and procedure can be improved from printed methods. Using mobile devices to perform inspection is a sure-fire way to ensuring music events maximize the enjoyable experience for everyone. 

Key benefits from digitalizing music event inspections:

  1. Time-effective inspection through quick, easy to use software
  2. Adaptable checklists with correct documentation attached
  3. Diverse inspection input and recording methods
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